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it depends, but yes

the good looking ones are...very

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How do you twist temporary dreads?

Dreadlocks is not a temporary hair style. It takes a lot of time, patience, and effort to have good looking dreadlocks, and removing dreadlocks is a very extensive process. you can twist hair into dreadlike twists. they are only temporary until they become permenant.

Are all white people are belong to Aryan race?

Aryans, or Hitler's version of them anyway, were good looking white people with blonde hair and blue eyes. Not all of us have that, pal.

Why wear tams on dreadlocks?

There are a lot of reasons why tams are really awesome for people with dreadlocks.1. They create friction between the material of the tam and the hair, which helps the locking process2. They help relieve some of the weight for people with long dreadlocks3. They are good to hide the dreadlocks if you're in a situation where they would not be socially accepted, or if they are at a stage where they don't look presentable to the general public.4. They keep the dreadlocks out of your face.5. wool creates static that helps knots form, the tam also causes compression while alowing movement, the 2 things dreads need to dread

How good are RBK White 9k Skates?

How good they are will depend on your skill level and exactly what you are looking for. Some people may say they are great; others may not.

Do good looking people have aspergers?

They can

What is a good saying about white people?

white power!

Is wood cap good for dreadlock?

A wood cap that is a little bit larger than your head is good for dreadlocks.

Is dawn dish soap good for cleaning dreadlocks?

no use ajax cooley high

Do people think you are good looking?


Who likes good looking emo boys?

I have no doubt that there are millions of people who like good looking emo boys.

Are Jewish good looking?

Yes, in fact, all people of every religion, nationality, culture are good looking.

Are gay people good looking?

Yes. And also not so good-looking, just like everyone else.

Are black people better then white people in football?

No.. White people are just as good.. Black people usually have more speed but white people have more strength.

How good looking is Ezra Koenig?

It all depends on what you think is good looking, some people would say yes, others no. It is an opinion There is no fact that he was a good looking person.

Why are blacks good at basketball?

Why Are White People Good At swimming

Are you ugly because you are smart?

People are not 'ugly' just because they are smart. Smart people can be good looking, or bad looking. However, there is no such thing as 'good looking' and 'bad looking' in general. How pretty or ugly someone is depends on an individuals opinion.

Is one of good charlottes people looking for a girlfriend?


Why did they treat black people bad and white people good?

They treated black people wrong b/c they had a different skin color they treated white people good because of there wealth

Is Joe Jonas good looking?

well Joe Jonas is good looking 2 me but 2 some people he is absolutely horrible!

Can twist turn to dreadlocks?

Yes, if you stop brushing your hair and keep on twisting them in the same shape, it would be a really good way to make dreadlocks.but only twist till they stay togetherdont keep on twisting or you do harm

Why are Pakis so hot?

Good looking people that's why.

Who are the white people that sang with lil Wayne?


How many people like white chocolate?

It is good

Is white rice is good for cholesterol people?


Do Black People Get Their Hair Cut By White People?

if the people that cut their hair were good at it then they would carry on doing it wether they were black or white