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NO! White tigers are definitely no extinct but, however the sad ending of the beautiful species may come if we don't provide the right care so I encourage people to stop big hunting groups and care a little more a day for the environmental wilderness and maybe we will have these wonderful species for long to come. :)

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Should white tigers be extinct?

No white tigers should not be extinct.

Did white tigers extinct?

No white tigers are not extinct. They are endangered. We have to do our best to save them.

When did the white tigers go extinct?

White tigers are not extinct. they are not a separate sub-species. they are a genetic mutant of any of the 6 sub-specieses. therefore white tigers will occur until all tigers are extinct.

When is white tiger going to be extinct?

White tigers are all decended from a very small number of wild caught white tigers. There are very few if any white tigers currently in the wild. However as a white tiger can be born to two normal coloured tigers and is not a species in itself, it will go extinct when all tigers are extinct

Why are white tigers extinct?

White tigers are not extinct. They are usually a morph color of the subspecies Bengal and even though they are rare they are not extinct.

Do white tigers still live?

White tigers are not yet extinct but they are endangered.

Who are white tigers predators?

the white tigers predators are PEOPLE. people hunt them illegally and get away with it, that is why the white tigers are extinct.

How long has the white tiger been extinct?

the white tigers have been extinct since 2006

When did white tigers become extinct?

not yet

Should hunting tigers be illegal?

yes, they are almost extinct.

How many white tigers were there before they were extinct?

White tigers are not actually extinct, there are 200 left on earth, but most are in zoo's. White tigers are an extremely rare color of the Bengal tiger. None have been seen in the wild for years.

What is becoming extinct or rare?

white tigers, kiwis

Why is the White Siberian Tiger extinct?

It is not extinct because a white Siberian tiger does not exist. The only white tigers are Bengal tigers and they are still alive today, but only in zoos because they were never found in the wild.However, some Siberian tigers are white.

Are White Siberian tigers extinct?

The white tigers are bengals, not siberians, and none are currently in the wild. All are in captivity.

Why is the white Siberian tigers do not become extinct?

White tigers are Bengals, not Siberians, and none have been seen in the wild for years.

What caused the white tigers to be extinct?

They are not extinct. We have only a few hundred adult individuals alive.

What animals are being extinct?

elephants white tigers and rhinos

Why are White Tigers becoming extinct?

people are hunting them for there fur

Why are Snow White tigers getting extinct?

they are being hunted.

Why will white tigers go extinct?

Becuase theres not enough of them

What caused the extiction of the white tigers?

White tigers are not yet extinct. White tigers are also known as snow tigers. But no, they are not yet extinct, even. The white tigers are merely color variations of the Bengal tiger, extremely rare in the wild. They are not a different species from the Bengal, and white cubs can be born at any time in a litter of normal colored cubs. Also, the "snow" tiger is the Siberian tiger, not white Bengals.

Is the white tiger almost extinct?


What is the white tigers endangered status?

The Statuses are endangered, threatened, and extinct. The white White tiger is threatened.

Where are white tigers becoming extinct?

all over, mosty India

What is the conclusion for the white tigers?

although it is going to be extinct yet it is beautiful