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Some Answer More than some, actually most women who have experienced sex while on their peroids want more of the same each time they bleed and the first week before their period, during their period and the week after their periods they are at their hottests.

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Are virgins hornier than other women?

yes :)

Why are men hornier then women?

In my opinion, women are much more mature in stuff like that.

Are black women hornier then white women?

Race does not determine one's ability to be horny.

Who are more horney guys or girls?

i think it is about even but we women claim that men are always hornier.

What does hornier mean?


Are girls hornier than guys?


Are short girls hornier?

Not necessarily

Who is hornier boys or girls?


Do girls get hornier in high school?

no,girls do not get hornier in high school just a bit more fashonable or/and grown me.i am a girl!

Do green foods make girls hornier?


What foods will make girls hornier?

fish or seafood

Is a female dog more aggressive in heat?

no but there hornier

Is it normel for a women to have her period at 48?

yes , it is is normal for a women to have her period at the age 48 because all women period stop at diffident times.

Why do men get hornyer then women?

Their brains are wired for visual stimulation and the women's brain is wired for mental stimulation. Chemistry makes them hornier than a woman, however there are always exceptions.

What does monthly period means in women?

A period means women are having their menstruation at the time.

Are girls more hornier than boys?

No they are not.they are stupid.

Do all women have pains during their period?

No, not every women has pains during their period,but most do.

What does it means if you have your period but no cramps?

Many women do not have cramps with their period and most women don't have cramps after childbirth.

Is it more seductive in a heterosexual manner to have two unmarried men and one unmarried woman in a house OR two unmarried women and one unmarried men?

two women one man because when drunk the man WOULD WANT A THREESOME and men are proven hornier

Why does women have period?


You didn't get cramps but you got your period?

Many women do not have cramps with their period and most women don't have cramps after childbirth.

How late can a period be?

I have known women to not get a period for a year and not be pregnant.

Why are guys hornier than girls?

it is a natural instinct with the purpose of perpetuating the species

Why a man gets more libido with age rise?

iv'e heard men in general get hornier and hornier as their age rises. But why?. lonely men might not be able to have sex and this will make them want to have sex so much more.

Are you ovulating if you have a period?

maybe... but most women ovulate right after their period.