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They are basically the same thing but yellow bellied sliders are more commonly said as the name of the turtle. Yes they are the same. Look it up, y do want to know, it doesn't make a difference, of how you say it they are the same thing.

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Can yellow bellied slider turtles and African clawes frogs share the same aquarium?

No. I just buried my African Clawed Frog due to yellow bellied turtles attacking him.

Can a yellow bellied slider turtle live with other reptiles?

If the habitat is large enough, they can live with other turtles of about the same size.

What is the general care for yellow bellied slider turtles?

You would care for a yellow bellied slider the same way that you would care for a red eared slider. Feed them at least once a day. Clean their tank often. Provide a heater in the winter. Just look at how you would care for a turtle. The breed yellow bellied sliders does not need any special care.

Can eastern painted turtles breed with box turtles?

No, only the same breed of turtles can mate. Except sub breeds, like the Yellow Belly Slider and Red Eared Slider. And the Mud and Musk turtles.

How old do yellow bellied turtles mate?

Hi there!! Yellow bellied turtles usually mate when about 2-5 years old. If your turtles arnt mating its probably because their 1. Sick 2. same sex 3.just dont feel to I hope that this answer helps you!

You brought a turtle yellow bellied is it the same as a yellow bellied terrapin if not how can you tell the difference?

Both names refer to the same animal. In America terrapins, tortoises and turtles are all referred to as turtles. This has caused some confusion in the hobby and some pet/reptile shops here in the UK also call terrapins turtles. The peninsular cooter (also a terrapin) looks almost identical to the yellow bellied terrapin. Hope this helps.

What turtle is better a red eared slider or a yellow bellied slider?

They both have same needs. Only difference is that they live in different places.In fact, there so alike they can live together.

Do Mississippi map turtles and yellow bellied sliders live together?

Yes i have two mississippi maps and one yellow belly slide in the same tank and they are fine together.

Are there yellow eared slider turtles?

Yes. They are very similar to Red Eared Sliders except the "ears" are the same color as their jaw markings.

Are red eared slider turtles the same as a box turtle?

No. Red eared sliders are water turtles, while box turtles are land turtles.:)

How big do ghost red eared sliders get?

Ghost Red Eared Slider Turtles will get to be the same size as normal Red Eared Slider Turtles, which is 10-12 inches.

What are the symptoms of Respiratory infections in a yellow bellied slider?

lethargy, not wanting to eat, floats/swims lopsided (this can be due to a collapsed or laboring lung), etc. i'm dealing with the same issue at this moment. good luck.

Can you breed a box turtle with a red ear slider turtle?

Box Turtles are land turtles and mate on land and Sliders are water turtles and mate in the water, so this would never happen and if it did, they would not be able "procreate" (have young). A Red Eared Slider can only procreate with another Red Eared Slider but they have been known to "mate" (have sex) with Yellow Bellied Sliders. They probably wouldn't try to mate with any other kind of turtle, other than a similar species of water turtle like a Painted Turtle or maybe a Map Turtle. A Slider probably would not try to mate with a Soft Shell Turtle or a Snapping Turtle even though they live in the same water or any species of land turtle like a Box Turtle because they would not recognize it as a possible mate. When a Red Eared Slider tries to mate with a Yellow Bellied Slider, it is because its instincts are telling it that based on size, shape, and mating displays and behaviors, etc., it is another Red Eared Turtle. Interestingly, Red Eared Sliders and Yellow Bellied Sliders rages currently overlap and where they do there is a lot of unsuccessful mating going on between the two species but they cannot procreate. That is part of the "definition" of a separate species. There are very few species of land turtles in the Eastern Box Turtle's Range that it could mistake for another Box Turtle and try to mate with. For much of its range the only other land turtle around would be the Wood Turtle (AKA: Red Legged Turtle) and they are not very similar.

Can red ear silder turtles and yellow bellied turtles live together?

Yes, they can. A local science museum has about three of each in a tank. They eat the same things (worms and others), and other than fighting over the worms, they basically ignore each other. Also my turtles don't bother each other they just sometimes look at each other and chase each other around, but my RES is bigger then my yellow bellied so she does this thing with her nails to tell him that shes the boss!! ;) Bugzly12- hope this helps!

Can red ear slider turtles live in the same tank with snapping turtles?

um they can but if the snapper gets mad someone won't have a head anymore

Can you have 2 turtles in the same cage?

yes...right now i have three...a yellow eared slider, painted, and an African side neck...they get along just find...but when you put a new one in then you might want to watch for awhile.

What are other animals in the same class as the bluebird?

Red Cardinal, Yellow Bellied Sap Sucker, Blackbird,

Can red slider turtles and a betta fish be in the same tank?

probably not. they have different kind of food and they might get mixed up

Do turtles eat frogs?

Yes! Turtles do eat frogs. My red ear slider just ate one in fact! Pretty gruesome to watch, but awesome at the same time.

Yellow bellied slider with white shell?

It means you have Hardwater, i had the same problem with my yellow belly when i first got him and your local pet store should sell RO Water which is softwater, if not just simply buy a RO System and fill your tank with the softwater, he's now 2 and a half years old with a perfect shell.

How do red eared slider turtles die?

Same as any other animal, either old age or some kind of disease.

Can turtles interbreed?

Yes. Interbreeding between different subspecies is quite possible, such as red-eared sliders and yellow-bellied sliders, or Eastern box turtles and Ornate box turtles. Different species within the same genera is also possible, but the offspring are usually infertile. In very rare circumstances, two animals from different genera can interbreed, but they usually share a close evolutionary history.

Can you release a pet 8 year old yellow bellied slider into a neighborhood pond?

You can release it, but it may not survive because it has been a pet and not in the wild. This is the same for most wild animal's It is possible, just not the best. If you caught him from the wild, and have had him for less then a couple moths, it should be okay. If he is from a store, or you have had him for many years, I would say no.

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