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No. When he presents his "green card" for identification purposes the FBI and INS will be notified and he will be taken into custody. He is an illegal alien and will be treated as such. The new Homeland Security laws are rigidly enforced and he will be deported again, perhaps even detained an undetermined amount of time in a federal facility.

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Q: Are you able to marry if your fiance was deported and then re-entered the country illegally and still has his green card?
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My fiance was deported about 5 yrs ago and reentered illegaly we want to get married what do you do?

Get married and apply for Permanent Residency which will take about 6 months to 1 year to get approved. Then after getting Residency status after 3 years apply for Citizenship.

Would you get deported if you want to marry a US citizen but have been living in the country illegally?

You will not get deported. I heard that you can get married only in some states and/or counties. But keep in mind that getting married to an American citizen and getting a "green card" are two different things; somehow related but different. Your best choice would be: The U.S. citizen should apply for a fiance(e) visa (type K-1, I think) and then the immigrant fiance(e) would enter with that visa and marry. If you go directly to the USCIS, for God's sake don't tell them that the prospect fiance(e) is illegally in the U.S., in other words lie about that. Tell them that you met in the prospect immigrant home country. Of course you may have to provide some tangible evidence of that, like phone calls, letters, emails, pictures, etc., but you'll figure something out. When the fiance(e) enters the U.S. with his/her visa, he/she has 90 days to marry the U.S. citizen who applied for his/her visa.

Fiance was illegally married can he still be given k1 visa?

Illegally married? You mean the fiance was an "Illegal" when he married? If the fiance was married then the fiance's marriage must be legally concluded (divorced) before applying for a K-1. They also must exit the US to qualify for a K-1.

Will it be difficult for you to obtain a fiance visa for a Pakistani Muslim who was deported from South Korea for overstaying a work visa to meet you in Australia?

If the Australian authorities see that he has been deported from another country for violating his visa requirements then you will have a difficult time obtaining a visa for him. Maybe you could consider meeting him in Pakistan.

When you marry your US citizen fiance can you stay in the US?

If you entered illegally, then no, marriage would not make you legal. You would need to file and win a I-601 waiver at the US embassy of your home country.

If a person was deported for life can he get an fiance visa?

Not likely. "Deported for life" means exactly that, the foreign national will not be allowed to apply for reentry into the US under any status. The person had the right to file an appeal before he or she was deported, apparently they failed to do so or the appeal was not successful.

What happens if you have a fiance visa and you do not marry?

The person is considered "out of status" or a "status violator" and must voluntarily return to their country of origin or be subject to deportation. If deported they will be barred from applying for reentry to the U.S. for at least one year or more.

Can i marry my fiance' even though he is in jail with immigration hold to be deported?

no you cannot if he is in there with a deportion status it is not possible. is he going to africa?????

If your fiance is working in the US and is illegal and has a lawyer for court will he be deported?

If she is illegal and working, not only can she get in trouble, but her employer can as well. She can be deported, working illegally doesn't help her case. Hopefully her lawyer is really good and she can become legal. Not necessarily, the USCIS decides cases based upon their individual merit. It is a fallacy that every illegal foreign national is deported as a matter of recourse. However, if the person used fraudulent documents to obtain employment such as a false Social Security number, it is likely he will be deported as he has committed a federal crime. More information can be found at the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services website,

If receiving disabilty and prove it would be hardship if immigration deports your fiance will the ins forgive him for past criminal history?

You would have to file the I-30 formthat is a fiance visa but if he entered the us illegally he would have to go back to his home country and wait for permission from both countries to enter but he would have to get waiver bacause once deported he wont be able to enter then u would have 90 days to get married this s if hes pardon on charges depends if its a aggravated felony fat chance then you would have to show hardship if he was deported this is alot of work but if he entered inthe us legally and no crimnal record then after entering and the 90n day are one he should have green card in 90 ndays .

How do I keep my girlfriend from being deported back to Egypt where her life will be in danger?

seek asylum or get her an fiance visa then get married in three or four months

If someone was deported and you marry him in his country can you do anything to bring him back to the US before his time is up?

I did it and my husband is not back yet, I believe you still have to do the exact same paper work as if you were only fiance the i-212 and the extreme hardship form, we also have a child together.

Does your fiance have to have a fiance visa to visit and get married in the US?

Yes provided your fiance has no other visa and not already in US. For marriage purpose, its important for your fiance to enter US with a fiance visa and also to get married within 90 days after entering US else she would have to return to home country.

If you get married on a fiance visa can you leave the country after you get married for a honeymoon?

You need passports to leave the country.

Do you have to pay Filipino government to marry Filipino fiance in another country?


What happens if an illegal alien marries a legal resident or legal immigrant?

The illegal can get a green card after marriage. If they came into the country legally, and just over stayed there visit they can do that. If they came into the country illegally, then they might be better off leaving and going back home. Then they can get a fiance visa. They can then come back into the country and have 60 days to get married. This way it looks like they never broke the law or entered illegally in the first place. If they file for residency or green card while they are here illegally, they will most likely be deported and sent back home with little chance of filing papework to get back in, because now the US government knows the story. This way may cost more to go back home, but it's playing it safe. You risk not getting married if you file the I-103 i think the form is.If caught after marriage, while still residing in the US illegally, The person is also liable for criminal charges of:Falsifying documents (Marriage licences state: Legally residing in...)Attempting to gain US Citizenship under false pretenses.

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You should convince your partner to get married in your country of origin

Your fiance of five years whom you have a 2 year old child with was just deported what can you do to help him fix his residency should you marry him in mex?


How does a none immigrant fiance apply for a none immgrant fiance?

How does a none immigrant fiance apply for a none immgrant fiance?

Can you marry a US citizen without a fiance visa?

If you get married in a country other than the US.

What can i do to pass fiance to live in US in the third time?

You should get a marriage license from the country of origin.

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