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Q: Are you agree that teacher have orietation towards collectivity?
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You don't agree to teacher saying sometimes?

When your teacher says, " Don't get smart with me!"You can say, " Isn't that what we come to school for?" XD

Do you agree that sport can contribute towards a sense of national unity?


The American girl has a typical raicist attitude towards the Black man do you agree?


What makes people enemies?

People are enemies towards each other because they cannot agree.

Did scout agree with francis attitude towards atticus?

No, Scout did not agree with Francis' attitude towards Atticus. Scout was very close to her father and admired him greatly. She did not appreciate Francis speaking ill of Atticus and defended him when Francis made negative comments.

To unite or agree in action or opinion to agree?

To unite or agree in action or opinion is to come together with others to form a common purpose or belief. It involves finding common ground and working towards a shared goal or understanding.

Who agrees with Ivan Pavlov's theory?

=i agree with him because yh i think that you can control your response and behaviour towards things.=

Can you date your teacher if your about to graduate in 2 days?

I don't think that irt would be a good thing to do and u have to make sure that ur teacher and parnets agree....... But I don't think that it's the right thing to do your teacher will probably say no anyways so why bother

How should a teacher treat with the students?

Whether a regular or substitute, a teacher should be treated with respect for the position. This does not mean you will or should always agree with the teacher, however students should always respect the position.

What did Malcolm X and Martin Luther King agree on?

Malcolm X and Martin Luther King were both Civil Rights activists. They did agree that the inequality towards colored people needed to stop.

Tell me about a time when a change occurred that you did not agree with and How did you manage your own attitude towards the change and What impact did this have?

No, i would rather not. It haunts me

How to write a petition?

Create a list of complaints and demands about something (directed towards someone) and ask people to sign it if they agree with you.