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no you can only have 3

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Q: Are you allowed to have more than three Bakugan in your team in tournaments?
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How do you play Bakugan RPG?

A good bakugan rpg is it has many good bakugan, abilities, and gate cards and with more members we can host many great tournaments. I've been on that site and it is good, but a site with more emembers more events and more excitement is Join now and dont miss out on spectacular opportunities, and remember to say that "Ghost" Reffered you, sign up now and Brawl ;)

How do you beat Bakugan?

get more g's then the other bakugan

What is an evolved Bakugan?

simple a bakugan that is more powerful and in a different stage

Whats better Bakugan or dbz?

Bakugan is more popular worldwide.

Are Bakugan Traps more powerful than all other Bakugan?

no they have no gs traps just help bakugan, you need bakugan to summon a trap

When you roll out a Bakugan and a trap does the trap get the same g's as the Bakugan?

No. it get it's 200 g's more than that bakugan's g's.

How do you get Bakugan on cool Bakugan brawlingcom?

go under 'bakugan'.it will ask for a password (you must have a bakugan from the gundalia series to proceed.if you do, rub the black part of your bakugan until it reveals a code.then type the code in and ta-da the page will cross over and you will have 1 bakugan. P.S. if you want to add more bakugan to your online collection and you have more gundalia bakugan, just follow these steps again.

How do you get more outfits in bakugan?

you cant

What card in Bakugan can you get to keep your oppenents Bakugan?

there is none the closest to that is a doom card which the opponent can't use that certain bakugan any more but the opponent can still keep that certain bakugan

Why does a special attack heavy metal bakugan cost more?

maybe because it is more special or the metal is like a fashion to the bakugan

What is a b2 Bakugan?

A B2 bakugan is a medium sized bakugan. They are bigger than original, yet smaller than Deka. They are Bakupearl bakugan. They are now more commonly found than original.

Is there more than 52 episodes of bakugan?


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