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Q: Are you awarded a BS or BA in Business Management?
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Is business management a BA or a BS?


How important is personality in BS-BA?

In business administration, personality becomes a huge factor in determining how an individual enables to apply his or he skills in terms of business management and administration - making personality a huge factor in BS-BA.

Is there any govt institute or university campus in samundri that offers ba bcom bba bcs bs mcs mit MBA?

Yes. Institute of E Learning and Modern Studies (IEMS)is a Virtual University Samundri Campus (0413425000, 3425111) that offersTwo Years Master ProgramsMBAMCSMITTwo Years GraduationB.Sc (Computer Science) / BCSB.ComBBA (Bachelor of Business Administration)BA (Psychology)BA (Mass Communication)BA (Bachelor of Arts)Four Years GraduationBS (Computer Science)BS (Information Technology)BS (Business Administration)BS (Public Administration)BS (Accounting and Finance)BS (Commerce)BS (Mass Communication)BS (Psychology)For more details visit

What is hotel management?

Hospitality Management is the study of the hospitality industry. A degree in the subject may be awarded either by a university college dedicated to the studies of hospitality management or a business school with a relevant department. Degrees in hospitality management may also be referred to as hotel management, or hotel administration. Degrees conferred in this academic field include BA, Bachelor of Business Administration, BS, BSc, MS, MBA, and PhD. Hospitality management covers hotels, restaurants, cruise ships, amusement parks, destination marketing organizations, convention centers, and country clubs.

What is a major in history a BA or a BS?


What kind of degrees does LUMS offer?

The Lahore University of Management Sciences offers the following degree programs: biology (BS, MS, PhD), chemistry (BS, MS, PhD), computer science (BS, MS, PhD), electrical engineering (BS, MS, PhD), mathematics (BS, MS, PhD), physics (BS, MS, PhD), economics (BSc, MSc), economics and politics (BSc), political science (BSc), anthropology and sociology (BSc), accounting and finance (BSc), management science (BSc, PhD), humanities (BA), history (BA), BA-LL.B, MBA, Executive MBA.

In college what is BA and BS?

In college a BA is a bachelors degree of arts. A BS is a bachelors degree in science. Most students get a BA.

What is a BS or BA?

A BA is a bachelor of arts degree, a BS is a bachelor of science degree. Both take four years to earn.

Does journalism fall under a BS or BA?


Will a BS degree let you transfer to a MBA degree or do you have to have a BA?

MBA stands for Masters of Business Administration. A BS degree (Bachlor of Science) or BA (Bachelor of Arts) are equally acceptable first degrees and should have no bearing on admissions decisions.

Does a medicine major have a BS or BA or higher ed?

you are bs

What are the types of different College Degrees?

Most Bachelors degrees fall into 2 main categories: the BS, or Bachelor of Science, and the BA, or Bachelor of Arts. Whether you earn a BS or BA is largely determined by the subject you choose to study. If you earn your degree in the liberal arts, it will be a BA. If you earn a degree in business, science, or technology, it will be a BS.