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Will a BS degree let you transfer to a MBA degree or do you have to have a BA?

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MBA stands for Masters of Business Administration. A BS degree (Bachlor of Science) or BA (Bachelor of Arts) are equally acceptable first degrees and should have no bearing on admissions decisions.

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Is MBA higher than BA?

Yes, most people seeking an MBA will have a BA already (or a BS). It is a graduate degree, where as BA is an undergraduate degree. An MBA is a Master's degree (of Business Administration). A BA is a Bachelor of Arts degree. A BS is Bachelor of Science.

What is the differences between MBA AND BA?

An MBA is a Masters in Business Administration degree which is a post-graduate degree. A BA is a Bachelor of Arts degree which is an undergraduate degree.

Can you do B.ED. after MBA?

BA degree holder can do

Where can I get an MBA diploma?

You can get your MBA at college after you have already obtained your BA. This diploma requires two more years of college after your graduate with your Bachelors degree.

What is the abbreviation for bachelor's degree in business management?

A bachelor's degree can be abbreviated either BS or BA depending on the curriculum. A master's degree in business is abbreviated MBA.

Will an AS degree let you transfer to a BA degree?

Typically yes. However, you should check with the Transfer Counselor at the community college for appropriate direction. Community colleges have articulations with four years colleges and universities. In general an associates in science is usually designed for transfer, still if you are transferring an AS in Engineering to a BA in Social Work, there may be some problems. Its not that the credits are not transferable, but just where do you put them? Thus, always get the input from your transfer counselor.

Can you get admission in MBA with BA?

A bachelor's degree (whether a BA or BS) is a prerequisite for entrance to the MBA. You will have to inquire at your school of choice as to the prerequisite coursework. MBA with BA - First of all your need to complete bachelor degrees first. No matter whether this is Arts, Commerce or Science. You need to score well. This helps you getting chance in reputed universities for MBA admission. (You need to pass entrance test first)

Can you do MBA in law after BA in business administration?

Yes, you are eligible to do MBA in law after doing BA in business administration.

Can you do MBA after BA psychology?

Yes. Many MBA programs actively seek and accept graduates BA or BS of psychology.

Can you do MBA after doing BA Economics?

Yes you can.

How much better is an MBA than a BA?

I would not look at it in terms of being better, it's just a more advanced degree. If your intentions are to move into executive leadership, the MBA is something you should seriously consider.

What is BA degree and what HND diploma?

Ba bachelors degree

Is an education degree a BA or a BS degree?

ITS MY BA deegree2012

Is an associate's degree holder eligible for MBA?

I strongly suspect not. An Associate's degree is about one half a Bachelor's degree, and graduate degree programs virtually always require a Bachelor's level degree prior to admission. A possible exception might be an MBA program that is willing to include life experience that is arguably equivalent to the BA. This may be worth exploring, but it's possible there are no such programs.

Where did George W. Bush go to college?

George W graduated from Yale University (BA) class of 1968 and later from and Harvard (MBA). 1975.For college, he got a BA degree at Yale University .

What percentage of americans have an MBA?

5% with MS/MA/MBA. Only 25% have a BA/BS.

Is a Liberal Arts degree a BA or BS degree?

Typically, it is a bachelor of arts degree (BA).

Does BA degree refer to university degree?

A BA is a Bachelor of Arts, which is indeed a university degree.

What does BA stand for'?

In the world of academia, it stands for a bachelor of arts degree (BA)In the world of academia, it stands for a bachelor of arts degree (BA)In the world of academia, it stands for a bachelor of arts degree (BA)In the world of academia, it stands for a bachelor of arts degree (BA)In the world of academia, it stands for a bachelor of arts degree (BA)In the world of academia, it stands for a bachelor of arts degree (BA)

Which is higher a ba degree or a ma degree?

A MA degree is higher than a BA degree. A BA degree only requires 4 years of college. A MA degree requires 6 years at college.

Does a BA include a AAA?

No it does not. Some students pursue the associate degree first and then transfer to a four year institution to finish the bachelor's degree. However, pursing a bachelors degree does not automatically give you an associates degree.

What is BA Psychology?

I've never heard of "BA Psychology." You get a Bachelor's Degree IN Psychology, and Bachelor's Degree is abbreviated: BA... I have a BA in Psychology.

Can you do MBA after HND?

from what i have read. i don't think you can. u can top up to a honours ba and maybe after that an MBA

What was the ba?

A "BA" is a Bachelor of Arts degree.

What are the career opting after BA economics and then doing MBA?

nothing just beg for a job useless ba