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No. You're covered by worker's comp if you're injured in the course of performing your duties as specifically related to your job. A fight isn't going to be covered.

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Can you collect benefits after being fired if you are injured on the job?

The question is a little confusing, but what I think you mean to ask is: Can you collect Workers' Compensation benefits if you were injured on the job after being fired. The answer is yes, but expect the insurance company to fight you tooth and nail. In an industry where fraud is commonplace, getting fired and then trying to claim a Workers' Comp injury is a bit of a red flag for your former employer and their insurance company.

Workers Compensation Lawyers in Texas?

Regardless of who you are, injury on the job can have a devastating effect on your life. In addition to the physical symptoms you are experiencing, you may have little or no energy or you may feel overwhelmed. Nevertheless, arming yourself with information about Texas’s workers compensation law can be your best strategy to protect your rights as you recover.In this state, employers have a choice. Either they can pay for workers comp insurance or they can forego it. Even if your employer has not furnished you with coverage, however, he or she is not off the hook. As an injured worker, you have the right to pursue your claim in civil court.If your employer has workers compensation insurance, you are entitled to several things, including full medical benefits, with no limits on duration or monetary value. In addition, you can choose the initial physician you see from a list created by the Workers Compensation Commission. If your injury is serious and the course of recovery lengthy, you may also be eligible for temporary total disability, or even permanent partial or total disability payments if your injury is disfiguring and may impair your future productivity or occupational opportunities.In the best of all possible worlds, your employer will grant you the benefits you deserve with no difficulty. However, this is not always the case. Your company may have elected not to sponsor workers compensation insurance, or they may deny your claim. If this happens to you, it is essential that you find a Texas workers compensation lawyer to represent you. Because this legal specialty is complicated, it is best to seek an attorney who focuses exclusively on workers compensation law.How do you find a workers compensation lawyer in Texas? One of your best options is to seek the objective help of the Texas Bar. This organization possesses resources and directories, and can point you toward the firm that can best handle your case. Other ways to obtain information about attorneys include conducting online searches and visiting your local library.The bottom line is this: you do not have to fight this battle alone. You were injured on the job and you are entitled to compensation. If it has been denied to you, take control of your health and your employment future by contacting a Texas workers compensation lawyer today.

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The underlying rationale for worker's compensation is to provide a method for workers to resolve tort claims more easily with their employers. The resolution is for mutual benefit since the worker can get more immediate compensation for his injuries and the employer does not have to fight a risky tort action in court that can easily drain tens of thousands of dollars out of the company as well as get negative publicity.

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Can your employer fire you when you are on worker's compensation?

Generally, no, if you are on Workers' Compensation because of a work-related injury, it is illegal for your employer to punish or fire you for having a job injury, or for filing a workers' compensation claim when you believe your injury was caused by your job. If you feel your job is threatened, find someone who can help. Note that there are deadlines for taking action to protect your rights. However, while the employer cannot fire you BECAUSE you are on WC, but can fire you for other reasons. Bob and Sam get in a fistfight at work, contrary to published rules, and Bob already on a written warning. Bob gets injured in the fight and draws WC benefits. Bob also gets fired for fighting and violation of the previous discipline. No WC law violation. Trucker Jim gets in an injury accident driving the company's truck drunk. He get WC benefits and he gets fired. And prosecuted for DWI. No WC law violation WC is not a shield against getting disciplined and fired when you deserve it.

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