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It depends what you are calling a transsexual and what you mean by "liking" them. If you mean a genuine transsexual person and they have had the surgery (or they are getting it and you won't touch them sexually until they've had it), then no. Just think of them as anyone with any other birth defect or medical condition. Does it make you gay to like a woman with cancer?

If you are referring to male-born transgender persons who like having and keeping a penis, yes, it likely means you are gay. The fact that they love their penis means they have a male emotional core inside. When two people who act and think like men (including some effeminate variety of man) both have penises and have sex, it is gay sex. A man or his male partner putting on a dress doesn't turn gay sex into any other kind.

If you merely like their appearance or admire their style or courage, no, it doesn't mean you are gay. It just means you have taste or love diversity.

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Are you gay if you like transsexuals?

Being gay means that you are romantically or sexually attracted primarily to people of the same sex as you. If you are attracted only or primarily to transsexuals, you may or may not be gay--but being attracted to transsexuals is a specific interest you have.--You are gay if you believe you are. The rest is all fluff. Read the question "How do you know if you are gay?" in the Related Questions below.

Are transsexuals gay?

Some are and some aren't.

Are transsexuals gay people?

Some are and some aren't.

Are you gay if you watch transsexuals?

Absolutely not. You are only gay if you are sexually attracted to members of the same gender.

Are any transsexuals also gay?

Yes, about a third of transsexual women are lesbians.

You are attracted to male-to-female transsexuals but not males one bit does that make you gay?


Are transsexuals male or females?

Transsexuals can be male OR female.

Do men love Asian Transsexuals?

No.. I don't think because they stink...... monster to me .... If I am gay I won't choose Transsexual Neighter

Why do African American guys mess around with transsexuals more than any other race?

That does not seem to be true, since African American culture seems to have the most bigotry against transsexual women and even "MtF" transgendered males who live as women. A lot of what they mess with might not be actual transsexuals, but cross-dressers and transgenderists who never get the surgery. According to Black transsexuals, it is a weird situation. Gay men who dress up as women to have sex as well as comedians and professional female impersonators are accepted, but actual transsexuals are ridiculed and attacked in an anti-gay manner.

Is it ok to like transsexuals?

I certainly would hope so -they're just people

What is an oath of fealty?


Are the pussycat dolls transsexuals?


Do transsexuals get married?


Why do some men like transsexuals?

The answer may be similar to the answers to these questions:Why do some men like other men?Why do some men like women?Why do some men like blondes?In short, it is a matter of different strokes for different folks.Of course if you're trying to rationalize why YOU may be attracted to transsexuals then you should rephrase your question.

What if you like your gay friend?

If you like your gay friend, then you like your gay friend. That's all there is to it.

Are the stars of tv's charmed transsexuals?


What is hatred for transsexuals called?


What county has the most transsexuals?


What is the difference between a drag queen and a gay man?

Makeup and women's clothing is the difference most of the time. The other drag queens would be transsexuals. They are considered t-girls and not men.

How do you act like a transsexual?

You don't "act" like a transsexual. Either you are transsexual or not. And transsexuals act in all different ways, just like "average" people.

How transsexuals defy biologically?

we'll charley matz furst eye's gonna axe yu why does you speak like this? don't you mean how "do" transsexuals defy biologically? where in gods Name did you learn to form a sentence rural Mississippi in the 1930's?

What is multisexual?

Like bisexual but less specific (i.e., may also be attracted to intersex individuals, transsexuals, etc.).

Can transsexuals produce sperm?

if born a man and not have had the operation yet, yes. Then they are physically like any other man.

What has the author Gerald Ramsey written?

Gerald Ramsey has written: 'Transsexuals' -- subject(s): Miscellanea, Transsexuals, Psychology, Sex change, Transsexualism

Is georgee Gilbert gay?

yes he is he has glasses that makes him gay he walks like hes gay he talks like hes gay moreover he is GAY

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