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Are you gay to like transsexuals?


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It depends what you are calling a transsexual and what you mean by "liking" them. If you mean a genuine transsexual person and they have had the surgery (or they are getting it and you won't touch them sexually until they've had it), then no. Just think of them as anyone with any other birth defect or medical condition. Does it make you gay to like a woman with cancer?

If you are referring to male-born transgender persons who like having and keeping a penis, yes, it likely means you are gay. The fact that they love their penis means they have a male emotional core inside. When two people who act and think like men (including some effeminate variety of man) both have penises and have sex, it is gay sex. A man or his male partner putting on a dress doesn't turn gay sex into any other kind.

If you merely like their appearance or admire their style or courage, no, it doesn't mean you are gay. It just means you have taste or love diversity.