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Q: Are you only aloud to pre-order the assassins creed 3 freedom edition?
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What does Tamanawis have that khalsa school doesn't?

no uniform, freedom and your aloud to go out of the school

What were slaves forbidden to do?

ummm........... they wen rt aloud to get married but they were did have heaps freedom but not allot they we rent aloud to watch the man Olympics because they would run naked

Politics in the new york colony?

they were run by a single governor and colonists were aloud to gain more freedom but it did not last long

What does forbidden mean?

Is not aloud Is not aloud It's not aloud can't do that It's not aloud can't do that

What is the Great Bible?

The Great Bible of 1539 was the first authorized edition of the Bible in English, authorized by King Henry VIII of England to be read aloud in the church services of the Church of England.

Why did the slaves escape to Canada?

slaves escaped to Canada for freedom because a law on both sides of the war was that you were aloud to retrieve your slaves but once in Canada they were protected by the canadians

Work life of a slave in the early English Colonies?

it was like no playing keep working and if they were in New England they had self-sufficient.They had to work on the town common to earn money at night.They were sometimes aloud to read alliances became a artisan because of all the sewing they did.They came from the triangle trade route to be sold for salt.They could not be a artisan without freedom Great awakening they were not aloud to go near only if they were white and had freedmen Stono rebellion was the largest slave uprising in the British mainland colonies prior to the American revolution they had freedom they were aloud to go to the middle passage.

Are hamsters aloud to have candy corn?

Yes they are aloud to

What part of speech is aloud?

Aloud is an adverb.

When was Aloud created?

Aloud was created in 2002.

What band is Cheryl Cole in?

Girls Aloud There Are 5 Members INCLUDING Cheryl!Girls AloudGirls aloud

What are some Libyan traditions?

Some Libyan traditions is that they don't let women have full freedom. The men are aloud to wear shorts, but women have to always cover all parts of their body.

Homophone for allowed?


Are woman aloud to vote?

is philippiens aloud to vote

How can you make a sentence about the word aloud?

"We could use tape," He said, thinking aloud. I think I can... He said not saying it aloud. When can we do it, he said aloud. I hate when people read aloud and don't read to themselves.

A sentence with aloud in it?

I'm so bored because I'm not aloud out, soo i have nothing to do and all of my Friends are not aloud out as-well

What was Girls Aloud's original name?

Just 'Aloud' 'Girls Aloud' was formed on a British TV program called "Popstars: The Rivals", so 'Girls Aloud' is their original name.

What is a good sentence with aloud in it?

"Why would she do such a thing?" I wondered aloud.

Are you aloud to wash a hamster?

Yes you are aloud to wash a hamster

Will girls aloud do a DVD for the passions of girls aloud?


Were evacuees aloud to bring food with them?

they were aloud to take mcdonalds

When girls aloud was on popworld who won?

Girls Aloud did :L

Who is more popular The Saturdays or Girls Aloud?

Girls aloud

How old where aboriginal children aloud to do and not aloud to do?

above 14

When was Minors Aloud created?

Minors Aloud was created in 1978.