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Are you overweight if you are in 7th grade and weigh 83 to 85 pounds?

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2011-09-12 15:29:39
2011-09-12 15:29:39

Oh my God No! Why, who gave you such a wrong idea! I weighed that in 5th grade, u could use more weight to be healthy


Your body weight is based on your height and build hun. The correct weight varies in every one.

God no that's like underweight you might wanna talk to your doctor because that's to skinny.

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your suppose to weigh about 120 to 135 pounds in grade 7.

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106 pounds It all depends on her height and bone structures. When I was in 7th Grade I was 112 pounds :)

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Totally normal i have a friend in 7th grade that weighs 84lbs. I'm 84 pounds and i 6th grade so I think that's normal.

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Whether kilos or pounds, yes that is very good in my opinion. However, it should be best if those 170 pounds are in muscle, not fat. :)

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