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yes, two lines means your pregrant

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Q: Are you pregnant if 2 lines are on the pregnancy test?
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What does 2 lines mean on a pregnancy test?

It means your pregnant with octuplettes

I did a pregnancy test both lines came up but one was not bright could you be pregnant?

It depends what type of pregnancy test it was - results differ on all tests. If on your test 2 lines means you're pregnant, then you're pregnant - even if a positive line is there it's positive because false positives are rare. If 2 lines mean you're not pregnant, get a blood test done at the doctor's

What does 2 lines mean when you doing the quick vue pregnancy test?

that means your pregnant.

What does on vertical line in the results window of a pregnancy test mean?

if you have only 1 line after taking your home pregnancy test it mean that you are NOT pregnant, and if there are 2 lines on your home pregnancy test, then you are pregnant but should go to a docotor to confirm it.

If a pregnancy test has 2 blue lines u are pregnant?

Each brand of test is different. Read the instructions on the box.

I got 2 lines on my pregnancy test and tested 2 more times afterwards and the results were negative am I pregnant?

To be positive- go see a doctor for a test.

One line on icon25 pregnancy test what does it mean.It was on the line c.?

It means not pregnant. c is the control line and t is the test line. 2 lines means pregnant and one line means not pregnant.

What does two dark line and light line on a clear blue pregnancy test mean?

2 lines pregnant; one not.

How do you find out whether you are pregnant or not?

You take a pregnancy test. You can buy one and do it yourself. You can buy them from the chemist or supermarket. You have to pee on a stick. There are 2 types - digital or non digital. With a digital pregnancy test, it will either say 'pregnant' or 'not pregnant'. With a non-digital test, it has lines and you have to follow the instructions to find out what the lines mean. These are more complicated to understand than digital, but are generally cheaper. Or, you can go to the doctor or school nurse. The school nurse will probably do a pee on stick pregnancy test. The doctor will do a blood test which can tell you if you are pregnant or not.

Will a pregnancy test work if your 2 weeks pregnant?

A pregnancy test should be accurate about 14 days after you had sex.

On a pregnancy test does one or two lines mean you're pregnant?

On most pregnancy tests: 1 line means: if the one line that you see is the control line, your test is negative; if the one line that you see is the test line, your test is invalid, and you must use a new test. 2 lines means: if you have two lines on a pregnancy test then your test is positive; if one line is lighter than the other, your test result is still positive.

Can you be pregnant if your 2 days late and you have no pregnancy symptoms?

Yes. Take a pregnancy test

Can a pregnant test tell you if you are pregnant in two day after intercourse?

No pregnancy test can detect pregnancy that early. It takesabout 2 weeks for your body to produce the hormone that would test you as positive.

You picked up a life brand pregnancy test but the box got thrown out and you need to know which lines tell you that your pregnant?

AnswerThere are 2 areas with lines on the test. The first one will change into a + (pregnant) or a - (not pregnant)and the second will appear to show that enough urine has been sampled.

How pregnant are you if your test has 2 dark lines?

The only way to tell how pregnant you are is by seeing a doctor, a pregnant test only tells you if you are or are not pregnant

How soon can a pregnancy test dectect your pregnant?

2 weeks

Can you tell if your 2 weeks pregnant?

do take a pregnancy test

You are 2 days away from your period but you think im pregnant can you take a pregnancy test?

Yes you can have a pregnancy test done.

If a pregnancy test was negative 2 days before expected period can you still be pregnant?

Who's pregnancy test? Yours?

Can a home pregnancy test tell you if you are 2 weeks pregnant?

NO, these tests only can tell if you are pregnant or are not pregnant.

If you took a first response pregnancy test and there are 2 pink lines but one is faint does that mean you are pregnant?

Yes it does!! Congratulations. It doesn't matter how dark the lines are, if there are two of them, it's positive.

What a sign that your pregnant with the IUD and you had it for 2 year and never was pregnant after you first baby?

A positive pregnancy test is the sign of pregnancy with an IUD.

Is it possible your pregnant when your period is 2 weeks late then you get it but you have a lot of pregnancy symptoms?

If you are on/had your period your probably not pregnant, but do a pregnancy test to be sure.

If a clear blue pregnancy test has 2 blue lines you are pregnant?

on the bigger screen if it looks like this + then its positive if its - then its negative the smaller screen gets a line to tell you if the test worked

Clearblue easy digital test strip inside had 2 lines Its the clearblue test that has the pee strip already attached I had 2 lines on the test strip am I pregnant?

If you read up on the digital test, they say don't take them apart (remove the strip) cause they have 2 lines and it does not mean you are pregnant.