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Most likely. Home pregnancy tests are rarely wrong, but it is possible for it to be wrong. You need to see your doctor, but if for any reason you can't, take two home tests one after the other. If they are both positive... that is your answer.

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Q: You took a home pregnancy test and it sade you are pregnant are you?
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Positive home pregnancy test?

You are pregnant

What does on vertical line in the results window of a pregnancy test mean?

if you have only 1 line after taking your home pregnancy test it mean that you are NOT pregnant, and if there are 2 lines on your home pregnancy test, then you are pregnant but should go to a docotor to confirm it.

How you can test that you are pregnant or not?

The easiest way to know if you are pregnant or not is to take a home pregnancy test or to see your Dr.

Can you still be pregnant if you are two months late and you took a home test but the result is not pregnant?

A home pregnancy test is most likely to be accurate if it is positive meaning if you had a negative test you should be monitoring if you could be pregnant. You could have taken the home test too early to detect pregnancy. The best thing to do is to go to the doctor and get a test done there to rule out pregnancy.

What does it mean when the not pregnant line is visable on a home pregnancy test before the test is taken?

That you're already pregnant!

Can a home pregnancy test tell me how long Ive been pregnant?


If you take a pregnancy test and it said you were not pregnant should you take an ultrasound?

was it a pregnancy test at the hospital or at home if at home get the ultra sound if at the hospital don't bother

How does a women know if she is pregnant?

By doing a home pregnancy test or, more accurate, a blood test.

How do ladies find they are pregnant what should they do?

They should take a home pregnancy test and/or go to see their Dr and tell them that you may be pregnant. If you have a positive home pregnancy test see your Dr as soon as possible and they will tell you what to do.

How can identify about pregnancy when it occur?

You can buy a home pregnancy test at the drug store that will tell you whether or not you are pregnant.

Can a woman be pregnant but a home pregnancy test cant detect hcg?

a home pregnancy test wont always work for the first few days of pregnancy. if youre trying it soon after you mightve gotten pregnant, try waiting a week or two

Can you pass a home pregnancy test and not be pregnant?

It is possible to get a false positive on a pregnancy test, but highly improbable. I once went in the doctor after taking a home pregnancy test and the doctor basically said that he would not test again, because they use the same test and I was pregnant. But, I did get a false positive as a teenager and the 2nd test was negative. Take a 2nd test.