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Are you pregnant if a white discharge comes out of your nipples?


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2009-08-22 21:06:25
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No, ask your doctor about it. But still, check if you are pregnant.

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It is not bad it is called lactating. It is normal if you are pregnant.

Its highly possible ive heard im in the same boat :(

maybe it might be a symbol that you have milk in your nipples but sometimes you have white you might not have some white on your nipples but some people don't it could be possible to have white if your pregnant

yes it can mean your pregnant if the discharge is white and stretchy-

yes u are that means that when you have your baby you can brest feed if you dint have and fluids in your body

Thick white discharge neither guarantees nor rules out pregnancy. Technically, yes, you could be pregnant if you have thick white discharge, but having this discharge does not make you pregnant. Many women have thick white discharge, but if you are concerned you should try a pregnancy test and/or consult your OBGYN.

uuuummm...yeah the only reason i know of of why your nipples would be discharging white liquid is the you would be pregnant but I could be wrong. You should probly check with your doctor.

i,ve been having a load of thick white discharge and leaking breasts and cramping can i be pregnant

no. cats nipples are normally white. If she is pregnant you Will notice a change in the nipples from white to Rosy pink color in 2 to weeks gestation. Though not all cats nipples change it its their first litter. She will crave more of you attention aswell. hope this helped

If it is white, clumpy, cottage cheese like discharge then you have a yeast infection that's the only reason you would discharge when pregnant.

When a woman orgasms, the white fluid that comes out of the fallopian tubes into the vagina that makes her pregnant after having sex.

It could be it clear or white?

if u are pregnant does white fuild comes out ?

I have 2 kids and think I am about 3-4 weeks pregnant I have had the sore nipples and the bloating as well. Every time I had concieved I knew right away and all three times I had this creamy milky white discharge and it came at about 3 weeks pregnant.

No the discharge that comes out of Herpes is a clear white fluid, if the discharge that you see is white in color it is not herpes.

i think since you don't ovulate after becoming pregnant anymore then you can't be pregnant if you still have the white discharge coming out to me its just a sign that your period is on it's way!!!

No, not necessarily. This is the exact description of normal cervical fluid that comes every month during ovulation. However, white, clear vaginal discharge can also be a sign of pregnancy.

Yes this is normal, providing the discharge is white or clear and does not have a odour.

No that is not a pregnancy symtom. Girls also get that when they are not pregnant. That white stuff that's coming out when you urinate is calles discharge. Its perfectly normal in girls. It doesn't mean your pregnant.

An infection of some type may cause some white discharge when you are not pregnant. It is best to seek medical attention so you can get a prescription and treatment.

Vaginal discharge should also be white or clear in colour and have no smell.

No. Getting your period means you are not pregnant.

It could be ovulation. The only sure way to know if you are pregnant is by taking a test.

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