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Get yourself to a doctor or local health department. I bet your pregnant! EPT is not always right wish they would let me do a commercial for there testing. If you ar not old enough confide in someone you trust and have them take you.You are 21 days late and counting Hope i have been helpful I am sure not all people will agree with me and I know parents don't. But I have 7 neices and I been through this with 4 of them and they all confided in me. And I got them the help they needed in spite if what ther parents thought then they are very greatful their children trusted and confided in me now.

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What is a negative simile?

i think its, a simile that put across in a negative veiw

Can you send a digital signal across an analog wave?

of course

You are only a few weeks pregnant and you feel flutters like something swimming across your stomach what does that mean?

It is the first sign your baby is beginning to move, it is called fluttering,enjoy

How do you know if a guppy is pregnant?

Under normal circumstances every female guppy you come across will be gravid (pregnant). My advice is don't worry about it she will be pregnant.

Why the graph of reversed biased diode is lies in third quadrant?

-- The definition of 'reverse bias' is anode negative with respect to the cathode, or negative voltage across the diode. That places the graph in negative-x territory. -- The diode simply acts as a resistor. Its unique 'diode' characteristics arise from the fact that its 'resistance' changes with different bias points, but the current through it always has the same polarity as the voltage across it. Therefor . . . -- When the voltage across it is negative, the current through it is also negative. Negative current appears on the graph in negative-y territory. -- Negative-x territory/negative-y territory is the third quadrant.

Is across a noun?

Across can be an adverb or preposition. The noun for going across is crossing. There is no noun form for the state of being across from something.

How are negative numbers represented across mathematical disciplines?

Infinite. There are an infinite amount of positive numbers as well as negative numbers.

What step does pulse code modulation include?

digital converter extracts samples of analog signal from input siganl digital converter quantizes analog sample and assignes a binary numbervalue to it digital coanverter encodes a quantized analog signal to transmit it across a digital network

Rectifier How do you change the 2 arrows direction in the circuit to make it positive or negative In Bridge?

A: Actually there is no changing of diodes required to get negative voltage out put the two cathode to ground if you have a load the voltage across will be negative. Electrons only flow in one direction where the measurement point are located across the load makes positive or negative.

Define a direct short?

When there is a connection across both the positive and negative voltages.

What are the observed periodic trends in electron affinity?

more negative across a period

How do you connect 2 networks using a router across an integrated services digital network?

Google "VPN"

How doi remove the white line across your digital camera LCD screen?

buy new camera

What is the difference between words across and through?

Through implies going into something... across means facing (across the street) or adjacent.

What causes a meter to read negative voltage across a DC motor?

The main cause for a meter to read negative voltage across a DC motor is a loose ground wire. The ground wire can be loose or may need to be cleaned.

What piece of equipment is used to translate digital signals into analog format for delivery across analog links?


What is analog ac ammeter?

It is an AC ammeter that has a dial with a needle that travels across it, rather than a digital readout.

What does a modem do when it's attached to a personal computer?

Modem is short for Modulator/Demodulator. It converts (modulates) digital signals into audio so they can be transmitted across a telephone system. It also converts (demodulates) audio signals back into digital signals (so the communication is two-way). Digital signals do not make noise and cannot travel across a system that moves only sound. The modem generates a sound and fluctuates the sound based on the information in the digital signal. Listening to the fluctuations, a modem can also convert the signal back to digital.

Is acrossed a word?

No, the word 'acrossed' is not a word.You may go across something ex:Seth went across the river.

What is the meaning of the English phrase 'to carry across'?

To carry across is to carry something from one side to the other.

What is the general direction of lines with a negative slope?

downward as they proceed from left to right across a graph

When you are pregnant why is there a line that across your stomach like a band?

I have had that happen twice and both times miscarried.

Two 20K resistors R1 and R2 are in series across a 100 volt supply what would the voltage be across R1 if measured with a digital voltmeter with an internal resistance of 1M?

Two equal resistors in a series circuit will always split the supply voltage in half. The digital volt meter is a red herring.

Does perimeter mean the distance around or across something?


How do you charge a capacitor?

You charge a capacitor by placing DC voltage across its terminal leads. Make sure when using a polarized capacitor to place positive voltage across the positive lead (the longer lead) and negative voltage across the negative lead. Also make sure that the voltage you charge the capacitor to doesn't exceeds its voltage rating.