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and my doc checked to see if it was an infection and it ain't

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Q: Are you pregnant if you are discharging white and yellow in your panties?
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Why does girlfriends panties have some white or yellow discharge on them?

It is normal for a woman to have some yellow or white discharge. The amount of discharge is affected by the woman's cycle. Also, as a woman becomes aroused she will have a release of discharge as well. This is all perfectly healthy and normal as long as there is no foul smell coming from her vagina which could signal an infection.

What does seaman look like in woman panties?

if it is wet creamy or milky white if it is dry it looks like a crusty salty white spot could be mistaken fro discharge from a girl if they feel slippery or sticky that is a sure tell After white panties are washed they have a ghost of a shadow or a yellow spot I do it to my white panties all the time. if you do not like it on them throw them away it is hard to get out of white.

What color panties to wear under white clothing?

this is way 2 easy. wear white panties

What kind of underwear do girls prefer?

Well I personally prefer white cotton briefs, but some times wear yellow or pink panties. But I have to say I feel sexier in white ones

What color bra and panties are you wearing right now?

Bra: white Panties: blue with black stripes

Having no appetite on depo and white liquid comes out of nipples?

uuuummm...yeah the only reason i know of of why your nipples would be discharging white liquid is the you would be pregnant but I could be wrong. You should probly check with your doctor.

Can a yellowish sperm get a woman pregnant?

Yes semen is not always white, it can be gray and light yellow.

What color panties Carrie Underwood wear?


Is white runny discharge every day normal?

depends where its discharging from.

Should you wear white or pink today?

I mostly insist in wearing white pant but wear pink panties underneath it is really nice I love to wear pink panties and white skinny jeans so other people can se that I am wearing pink panties my favourite type of panties would be silk because they are so comfy and there not tight on the dick

What is that hard white stuff in panties?

Basically, it discharge from the vagina. Very normal, just take a shower or change panties.

What color panties should you wear on New Year's Eve?

You should wear panties that match your outfit on New Year's Eve. You can never go wrong with white panties.

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