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you should check with your doctor honey, but i had this with all of my babys, as did my daughter and daughter in law.....first one i thought no way i was pregnant because i was having 'pre period' cramps.....think it has to do with the uter.contracting to begin to enlarge for the the nurse at your docs and she will probably want to check you just to be safe.......course could mean other things, but try not to worry.....i know it's hard...........

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Q: Are you pregnant if you have had three positive results on your pregnancy test but you are having pains in the bottom of your stomache as if you are going to have your period?
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What does positive mean on a pregnancy test?

It means you have a problem (disease, cancer, etc.) You most frequently hear it on pregnancy tests, if the results are positive the user is most likely pregnant.

If you are ovulating and you take a pregnancy test will it show up pregnant?

NO the only thing that will make a pregnancy test show positive results is if the HCG hormone is detected so if you got a positive result your pregnant your pregnant ovulating has nothing to do with it Good Luck and God Bless!!!

Could you be pregnant after 3 home pregnancy tests were positive after reading results at 3 minutes?

yes if three came up that quick you are pregnant...congrats and God Bless...

How can you make a pregnancy test come out positive?

Attempting to manipulate a pregnancy test to produce a false positive result is dishonest and can have serious consequences. It is important to use a pregnancy test as directed and to seek medical guidance for accurate results.

How and when girl get pregnant?

Pregnancy results from sexual intercourse.

You took a pregnancy test this morning the line was very strong for negative and very weak for positive are you pregnant?

It probably means your not pregnant. Although you should take another test to calculate better results.

I did a pregnancy test both lines came up but one was not bright could you be pregnant?

It depends what type of pregnancy test it was - results differ on all tests. If on your test 2 lines means you're pregnant, then you're pregnant - even if a positive line is there it's positive because false positives are rare. If 2 lines mean you're not pregnant, get a blood test done at the doctor's

Positive pregnancy test after 10 minutes stated?

Consider this result null and void and redo the test the next morning. THere's a reason why all pregnancy tests state NOT to read results after 10 minutes, it can create a false positive where it reads positive but you're not pregnant. GOod luck

What is unwanted pregnancy?

It is an accidental pregnancy that results from poorly protected or not protected sex.

Can the parents of a pregnant minor get access to pregnancy test results?


Can pressing on results window on a pregnancy test make it positive?


You took 3 home pregnancy tests one came up negative one looked positive and one was definitely positive Are your results reliable?

you should definatly go to a clinic and take one of there free pregnancy test to make sure wether or not your pregnant