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Most possibly yes, it is recommended to do a pregnancy test

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If your period is two days late and you started spotting very lightly but feel nauseous dizzy tired and bloated could you be pregnant?

Yes, you could be pregnant.

Can i feel bloated if pregnant?

Yes, many people feel bloated when pregnant

Could you be pregnant if your period only lasted two days and after that you were spotting brown blood and you feel sick to your stomach and bloated?

Yes you could definitely be pregnant. See your doctor for a blood test.

Are you still Feel bloated after period could you be pregnant?

i'm still bloated after period. Can i be pregnant?

Can you be pregnant if you are sleepy bloated and feeling nauseas?

Can you be pregnant if you are sleepy bloated and feeling nauseas? thats not an answer dummy...

Can you be bloated while pregnant?


Why do women get bloated pregnant looking stomachs when they are not pregnant?

There are a few medical reasons for women to get bloated stomachs while not being pregnant. Gas, accumulation of residue, hysterical pregnancy...

Is being bloated a symptom of being pregnant?

No,if your a boy your not gonna be pregnant

Could you be pregnant if you have been feeling tired bloated getting headaches and just started pinkish spotting but period is not due for 2 weeks?

Possibly. Take a pregnancy test if you miss your period

Does your stomach just feel bloated when pregnant?

A bloated stomach is one of the pregnancy symptoms yes.

If under my tummy is feeling i pregnant?

if your tummy feels bloated, then that is a symptom of pregnancy.

Could you be pregnant at age 31 if you had a TL 6 years ago last month had a 2 day period this month nothing but spotting feeling bloated and tender?

Historically, some TL's have failed.

Can you be pregnant if you are sleepy and feeling bloated?

Yes,but there are also many other reasons to feel sleepy and bloated.

Your upper stomach hurts and feels bloated are you pregnant?


Why does your stomach feel tight?

Bloated, full, or pregnant

How can you tell if your platys are pregnant or bloated?

Type your answer here...

Im on depo provera but lately I've been feeling fluttering in my stomache. ive been away from my boyfriend for 3 months so if i was pregnant i should know by nowim bloated spotting and fluttering?

Take a pregnancy test to find out if you're pregnant.

Is being bloated a sign of pregnancy?

Being bloated is a symbol of a lot of things. But while you are pregnant you can experience bloating.

Is it normal to show at 2 months pregnant?

Your not showing yet, your just bloated. Your not showing yet, your just bloated.

How can you tell if a molly is pregnant?

She will be quite bloated in the belly area.

Why do you look pregnant when you're not?

Ether you are gaining weight or you are bloated.

How does your stomach feel when youre 1 week pregnant?


Can you be pregnant if I'm bloated and the doctor said no that I'm not pregnant?

It could possibly be a hysterical pregnancy, if this is true than no you are not pregnant.

Could you be pregnant if you are bloated and crampy?

I was bloated and crampy with both of my children. It definitely could be a symptom or it could be a change in your cycle. Congratulations if you are!

I had dry sex with this boy i wore underwear and he didn't 20 days later i got my period im really bloated is it still possible for me to be pregnant?

no, but if you're still unsure you should go take a pregnancy test. tell him 2 keep it in his u cant be pregnant