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No, you often get excess cervical mucus when you are pregnant anyway

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Q: Are you pregnant when cervical mucus stops a day after ovulation?
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Can you be pregnant with twins lose one then get pregnant with another baby while still being pregnant with the other twin?

No. Once you are pregnant the ovulation stops and the uterus is also closed by the mucus plug.

Menopause and ovulation?

At menopause ovulation stops.

When a woman stops her cycle can she still get pregnant?

No, if a woman has no menstrual cycle then she cannot get pregnant. The menstrual cycle includes ovulation, no ovulation means no pregnancy. This is how hormonal Birth Control such as the combination pill works, it suppresses the menstrual cycles in order to stop ovulation to prevent unintended pregnancy.

What days during my dogs heat can she get pregnant?

During oestrus (which lasts for 4-8 days) when the discharge stops and ovulation begins.

What part of the ovulation cycle is the best time to get pregnant?

Between 12-16 days after your period There is no DURING ovulation, it is a specific moment. The two or three days around ovulation is good time to try. The best way to work it out is to buy an ovulation test kit. You can buy them from supermarkets or the pharmacy. You pee on the sticks and it tells you when you are most fertile. It is then that it is a good time to try to get pregnant

Can a woman conceive while being pregnant?

No, ovulation stops. Note that you could have fraternal twins if two eggs are released at the same time. (The timing doesn't have to be split second.)

If you're on the pill will the egg still drop?

No, the pill stops ovulation.

What stops ovulation during pregnancy?

During pregnancy, high levels of hormones such as estrogen and progesterone produced by the developing placenta suppress ovulation. This prevents the release of additional eggs from the ovaries until after childbirth.

What birth control method stops ovulation?

not having sex with every john, dick and harry.

Can I still get pregnant 5 days after I ovulated?

Yes you can. After you ovulate the egg stays fertile for 4-6 days and sperm can live in the uterus 4-6 days. Also it is very hard for many women to know when exactly they ovulate and there are now kits at the drug store to help women determine if they are ovulating or not.

Why should there be mucus within the nasal passage?

mucus helps prevent dust from going into your body. mucus stops that dust or other things that try to get in. that's why it is recommended to breath through your nose and not through the mouth when not necessary.

What stops stomach acid from destroying your stomach?

your stomach has special lining and mucus to stop your acid from destroying it.