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Not everyone starts every 28 days. If you think you are pregnant, take a home test or go see a doctor. The doctor may give you a blood test, they can detect pregnancy earlier than a urine test. If you get a negative result with the home test, wait 5-7 days, if you haven't gotten your period take another one. If after two weeks you still havne't gotten your period and the home tests are all negative, you should call a doctor, you may need medications to get it started again. That happens in some women occasionally. Your cycle will start on the first day of actual bleeding, not spotting. And not all women have 28 day cycles, nor ovulate on cycle day 14.

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You start counting from the first day of your period - day one of true bleeding (e.g. not spotting: pink or brown discharge) is day one of your menstrual cycle.

The average menstrual cycle is 28 days, but not everyone has a 28 day cycle and it is normal for there to be up to a weeks variation from one cycle to the next. Work out your average menstrual cycle to determine when your periods are due, or better still would be to learn to use Fertility Awareness Method so you know exactly where you are in your cycle.

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Q: Are you supposed to start 28 days from when you first began your last period or when it ended?
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