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Questions on WikiAnswers are answered by humans who come to the site.

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Why isn't your questions being answered?

The questions aren't being answered because no one wants to.

Is it a computer that does answers?

There have been some bots used on this site, but your questions are typically answered by people. Now the real question... is this question being answered by a bot or a real live person? The answer is in the stars....

How are these questions being answered?

These questions are being answered by normal people like you or me. Create an acount on the homepage by the box that is on the left. Than you can answer other people's questions. That's what makes this site fun for all of us that answer.:)

Are there people that type the answers for this website?

Yes, many peoples (contributors) from all the world.Well, yes. There are people typing answers to your questions, on computer keyboards. I am one of them. I don't know how else you thought that questions were being answered. It is not done by some automatic computer algorithm.

How long will it take to answer all the questions listed on this website?

It would be hard to tell. New questions are constantly being asked while questions are being answered. We can help to answer more of them.

Is the person who answers these questions a Christian?

Well, these questions are not answered by a single person; they are answered by many different people all over the world. With that being said, it cannot be determined whether the people who answer the questions on WikiAnswers are Christian or not.

Are the questions on this site from users or the company web-sites questions or are they computer generated?

The questions on this site are from users versus being company or computer generated.

Why does it seem that there are more questions than answers on wikianswerscom?

There will always be more questions than answers ! New questions are posted daily - as well as existing questions being answered.

Why is this website not answering your questions corectly?

Perhaps you are being ambiguous in your question. That would prevent the question being answered to your satisfaction

Why are people scared to answer all questions on WikiAnswers?

I do not believe it is 'fear' that keeps questions from being answered. I believe that most people don't just sit around reading questions to be answered. I have answered a few that I knew the answer to, while I was searching for answers to the question that *I* have. Did you ask a question that you think no one is brave enough to answer?

Is there a category on WikiAnswers in which all unanswered questions have been answered?

No... there will always be unanswered questions - as new questions are being submitted almost every second of every day.

Why are questions about homosexuals not answered?

This is an answer, thereby disproving the assumtion that questions about homosexuals are not answered. Although, technically, the question here isn't really about homosexuals but rather about the answering of questions. Still, as there are a VAST number of questions about homosexuals that ARE answered, the original question is somewhat moot. The poster should perhaps specify what question (or questions) he or she was looking to have answered. On a more general note, there are a LOT of questions here in the GLBT section that are not really answerable or worth answering, such as "Is So-And-So gay?" this being perhaps a classmate the writer is trying to mock (which is really just bullying) or perhaps a public figure, in either case the answer being unknown to anyone but the "So-And-So" in question. These questions are hardly ever answered and this is why.

When are you going to start answering my questions?

Many questions don't get answered or take a long time to answer because they are poorly formed questions or have spelling mistakes, grammar mistakes that make them hard to understand. If your question is well formed it will have a better chance of being answered

Why can it take weeks to get a response on WikiAnswers?

Sometimes questions go weeks without being answered. Not all questions are created equal... Be sure that you asked your question as effectively as possible. Questions with no spelling mistakes, correct grammar, and a clear point tend to get answered quicker. Also, questions in niche topics tend to take longer to be answered since they require someone with the right kind of experience to answer them.

What is the number of groups into which an amount is being divided?

This cannot be answered before a couple of other questions are answered first: - amount of what (money, work, effort)? - what kind of groups?

Why is it that no one ever answers my questions ARRGH?

It depends on how you write your questions. If you use slang, there is a smaller chance of it being answered. If you write an important question, use correct grammar, spelling and punctuation, then you will have a larger chance of having your question answered.

What question can not be answer?

Impossible and highly exaggerated questions. Or questions that ask about "out-of-this-world" things. But some things that are being questioned and cannot be answered are not yet revealed or discovered by humans.

Are you a computer?

If you are asking are computers answering your questions then the answer is no. People are doing so. If you are being philosophical then yes, as we are all a kind of computer.

Why does WikiAnswers say it can answer anything when it can't because it is?

This is because only people answer questions and it is likely a lot of questions are not relevant to the readers, therefore not being answered. (btw, bad question grammar.)

Are the questions answered by delegates in WikiAnswers supervised before being sent to the person who was asking the question?

No. Changes made on this site happen immediately. There is no moderation between the time they are answered and the time they are alive on the site. Any supervisor activity occurs after they are answered.

What percentage of WikiAnswers questions get answered?

That's a tough one. Some questions are more difficult to answer than others. For instance, "how do I break up with my boyfriend?" There are a lot of those and they may sit around longer before they are answered. However, who was the third president of the United States is an easier one because it's objective. WikiAnswers has more answered questions than unanswered ones, but new questions and answers are being added every few minutes so the numbers are never static. To give it some quantitative sense, according to the conference call by Answer's management on August 13, 2007, out of the total 670,000 questions 375,000 were answered. It gives a slightly better ratio that two to one.

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