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This is how you work it out: Draw yourself a rectangle, and call the longer sides 'x' and the shorter ones 'y'. You now need to create two simultaneous equations to solve this, the first being: 2x + 2y = 200 and the second being: y=1/2x Then substitute y=1/2x in to the top equation giving: 2x+2(1/2x)=200, or 2x+x=200, therefore, 3x=200, and finally x=66.666666.... You can then put this value in to one of the original equations to find 'y'. y=1/2 times 66.66666.... which is 33.33333. SO, one side is 66.67m and the other is 33.3m

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Q: Area of a football pitch is 200m2 the width is half the size of the length what is the width and length?
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What is Arsenal FC's football pitch size?

Its is 125 meters in length and 65 in width.

What is the equation area equals length multiplied by width used for?

The answer is in the question "area = length multiplied by width" the equation tells you what the surface area of something (eg a football pitch) is.

What the width and length of the football?

5 inches length and 3 inch width -Matt Speilman

What is the length and width of a football pitch in metres?

The largest size of a full football pitch is 90m wide by 120m long. Multiply these two dimensions if you want the area (10,800 m²) :] :p By Husna

What is the width of the penalty area on a football pitch?


How long is a football pitch?

The length of a football (Soccer) pitch can vary between 90-120 meters.(see related link for full dimensions)

What is the width and length of the football goal?

24' x 8'

What length is a gaa football field?

For a standard GAA pitch the range or sizes are: Length - 130 metres minimum to 145 metres maximum Width - 80 metres minimum to 90 metres maximum

What is width of cricket pitch?

10 feet (3.05 meter) width & 22yards (20m) Length

What is the width of a soccer field?

The width of a football pitch is 50 - 100 yards (45.72 - 91.44 metres)

Length of a football field in perimeter?

The perimeter is 328 m. (Width: 64m length: 100m)

How many meter in football?

The length of football pitches vary, but must be between 120m and 90m in length and between 50m and 100m in width. The standard length used in the professional stadiums of the world, like Old Trafford is 105m in length and 68m in width.