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Q: Artist of you are my African queen 2008?
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Who is the richest hip pop female artist 2008?


In The African Queen starring Humphrey Bogart who what is the African Queen?

a " Boat "

When was The African Queen - novel - created?

The African Queen - novel - was created in 1935.

When was The Queen of African Music created?

The Queen of African Music was created in 1987.

Who is Elton C Fox African American artist?

elton c fow was an african-american artist

Who is the author of The African Queen?

C. S. Forester is the author of the book The African Queen

Which artist released the 2011 single Ganja Man?

The hit single titled "Ganja Man" was released by the artist 9ice in March 2006. 9ice has received a number of music awards, including a MOBO Best African Act in 2008 and an MTV Base Best Hiphop Act in 2008.

What are the release dates for Wife and Artist - 2008?

Wife and Artist - 2008 was released on: USA: 5 May 2008 (limited)

Who is the artist for we will rock you?

Queen. They did "We Are the Champions", "Killer Queen", and other songs like that.

Who did Humphrey Bogart play in The African Queen?

Bogart played river boat captain, Charlie Allnut in 'The African Queen'.

Who directed African Queen?

The African Queen was directed by John Huston. The film was released in December 1951.

What is up with a decent 'African Queen' DVD release?

There have been three releases of 'The African Queen' as of January, 2008. The first two were released May 7th, 2002 and March 15th, 2001. The third release was part of a boxed set. It was included in with 'The Iron Petticoat' and 'On Golden Pond'. It was released October 20th, 2003.

Does the queen of England have African ancestry?

According to geneticists, we ALL have African ancestry,

Who is the richest us Hip Hop artist 2008?

50 cent is the richest us hip hop artist for 2008

What actors and actresses appeared in A Model Artist - 2008?

The cast of A Model Artist - 2008 includes: Dave Cote as Jack

Who is the artist 1977 song We Will Rock You?


Artist of you will rock you from 1977?

We Will Rock You by Queen

What age did Queen Latifah get her name?

Queen Latifah got her name when she was six from her cousins African name book. She thought it was a good name for her. Later she was considered the African queen so she added queen to her name now shes know as Queen Latifah.

What are the release dates for The Martial Artist - 2008?

The Martial Artist - 2008 was released on: USA: 1 January 2008 (Ashland Independent Film Festival)

Who played Rose Sayer in the 1951 movie the African Queen?

In the movie, African Queen (1951), Katharine Hepburn played Rose Sayer.

Can an African American be a manga artist?


Who is Peter Mammes?

A South African artist.

What movies are there that have the word queen in the title?

The African Queen, The Queen, Warrior Queen, Dairy Queens, Nine Queens, The Queen of the Damned, The Queen of Sheba, The Queen and I

What actors and actresses appeared in Celebrity Art Show - 2008?

The cast of Celebrity Art Show - 2008 includes: Phyllis Diller as Artist Dean Dinning as Artist Holly Fields Peter Finestone as Artist Michael Grais as Artist Natasha Melnick as Artist Terry Moore Angelo Moore as Artist Dizzy Reed as Artist Daize Shayne as Artist Alex Tavoularis as Artist Adrienne Wilkinson as Artist

What are the release dates for The African Queen - 1977 - TV?

The African Queen - 1977 - TV was released on: USA: 18 March 1977