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Another answer from our community: To say that something is Good Enough puts a limitation on what we are doing. It is like saying it is not perfect but it will do. We must always aim for perfection in all we do. There may be limitations in our perfecting something but we try the best we can, but to knowingly offer something that is not the best when we know we could have done better is not acceptable.

There is a story about a very rich man who asked a worker of his to build a house not sparing the expense in building materials. The worker though that he could make a quick profit for himself and bought cheap materials. Having completed the house, and with a tidy profit in his pocket he presented the house to his boss. The boss was pleased with the result and said "I had you build the house for yourself for your loyal service".

If something is "Good Enough" in other words it is acceptable, but could have been better, then the "Good Enough" is in my humble opinion is not good, morally or ethically.

Only the individual can say with all conviction if their "Good Enough" is good and is therefore morally and ethically acceptable. This person thinks that there would be far to many "If Only" attached to my "Good Enough". If however, someone says that that's "Good Enough" then so be it.

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If the only standard of ethics and morals for Christians is that which would be "good enough" to enable them to go to heaven, then ethics and morals are arguably of little relevance. Whatever transgressions a Christian has committed, he or she can then seek absolution and forgiveness through confession to a priest or by prayer. In earlier times, he or she could even buy an indulgence! These are options not available to atheists.

As far as being moral and ethical, whatever is "good enough" ought to have the same answer whether one believes in a god or is an atheist. Of course, it is not practical in society to live a perfect and blameless life, never telling a little white lie, nor harming the least creature. We have to live to a somewhat lower standard. And that standard is, to some extent, informed by the law of the land. In commercial transactions it is often guided by the rules of professional bodies and the like. Whether our standards are "good enough" can also be seen by the responses of our friends, colleagues and even our personal enemies. If we really have ethical and moral standards that are "good enough", then we should be highly regarded by all who know us, even our business competitors.

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Q: As far as morals and ethics go how good is good enough?
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