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The wonderful thing about Earth is the recycling! As living things die, their bodies decay and break down into atoms, which are then taken up by other living things and used again. Plants take nutrients and matter from the soil, and animals eat the plants and use the nutrients in their own bodies, and so on, and so on.

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What happens to left over toys at mcdonalds?

Sells them on eBay.

How do you get comets?

they come from the left over matter from when that solar system was first made

Are comets made from the leftover matter from the formation of the sun?

Comets are made up of left over matter from the formation of the solar system.

What happens when you leave your animals out over night in another wonderful life?

I have A Wonderful Life, but I think it's the same for both games. It doesn't matter if your animals are left outside at night, as long as it isn't raining.

How do asteroids occur?

The "asteroid belt" is the theory of left over matter from when our galaxy and planets , were created.

What happens when lizard falls on left arm and climbs up?

he takes over the world. :)

What happens when Mallard eggs hatch and there are a couple left over that haven't?

they get eaten by other animals

Does Katie still love gustavo?

Yes i do and i will never get over him even if i have to i really do love that boy no matter what happens..........

What is a sentence for kuiper belt?

The Kuiper belt is thought to contain matter that was left over from the formation of the solar system

What happens to the left over cupcakes on cupcake wars?

Reuse them, throw them out, give them to hungry people/animals.

What happens to salt water when it is left out over a period of time?

the water evaporates, leaving the salt behind.

What happens to apples when they get spoiled?

What happens to apples after they get spoiled is that they decompose. Mold covers over the apple, eating away at it until there is nothing left but a few seeds.

What happens when the executrix of a will is a drug addict?

I would figure that, that person will still get what was left to him no matter what his condition is. On the other hand I'm pretty sure you can try and take him/her to court and try to do something about it. You can bring anyone to court over anything and win nowadays.

What happens to the human body over time in the grave?

After many years your body deteriorates, and only the bones are left.

What happens if a parent dies and they left the estate to their children and some of the children take over not sharing with the others?

They can be sued.

What happens to rocks left in a river for extended time?

the rocks get grind ed together over and over by the force of water pushing it and eventually become sand.

What does this mean mindmatter?

MIND ------------ MATTER (SAID AS MIND OVER MATTER) means mind over matter!

What happens when a plant or animal is over harvested?

There really is no such thing as "over-harvesting" something. Either it's going to be harvested or it isn't, it doesn't matter if it's a plant or animal.

When you hold the left mouse button down and drag it over text or pictures what happens?

you can transfer it to documents but it's illegal

What happens to a carton of milk if it is left out for over a week?

it will be hot, taste bad and might change colors or grow mold

Why do females have an anus?

Females have an anus for the same reason males have anuses. The purpose of the anus is to remove fecal matter from the body. Fecal matter is what is left over in the body after food is digested. Fecal matter is toxic to the body and must be removed.

What happens in volleyball if a Player goes up for a spike and reaches over the net crossing it?

It doesn't matter as long as they don't touch the net.

What is the dimensions of all squares made with 56 square tiles?

56 square tiles cannot make a square. However, if some are left over, 56 square tiles can make: a 1x1 square with 55 left over; or 56 1x1 squares with none left over a 2x2 square with 52 left over, or 14 2x2 squares with none left over a 3x3 square with 47 left over, or 6 3x3 squares with 2 left over a 4x4 square with 40 left over, or 3 4x4 squares with 8 left over a 5x5 square with 31 left over, or 2 5x5 squares with 6 left over a 6x6 square with 20 left over a 7x7 square with 7 left over.

What happens when crocodiles keep their mouths open to cool off?

they open their mouth to cool of because They take left over food from,,

What happens when fresh pasta is left exposed to air prior to cooking?

It will dry out over time as long as it is uncovered, if it is covered it will get moldy

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