Ask us is the equation for ethyl alcohol with acetic acid and conc. sulfuric acid?


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The chemical equation is:
Concentrated sulfuric acid act as a catalyst.

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No! Acetic (more properly, Ethyl) Alcohol is C2H5OH but Isopropal Alcohol (a secondary propyl alcohol) is CH3CHOHCH3.

Ethyl Acetate (Ethyl Ethanoate) CH3COOCH2CH3

Acetic acid and ethanol alcohol will form ethyl acetate.

The products from the reaction of n-amyl alcohol and acetic acid are ethyl pentanoate (an ester) and water. CH3COOH + CH3CH2CH2CH2CH2OH ==> CH3COOCH2CH2CH2CH2CH3 + H2O acetic acid + n-amyl alcohol ==> ethyl propanoate + water

It is an ester. Ethyl alcohol + acetic acid ---> ethyl acetate C2H5OH + CH3COOH ----> CH3COOC2H5

I am not sure what you mean by word equation. But the combustion equation for the combustion of ethanol (ethyl alcohol) is: CH3CH2OH + 3O2 ----> 2CO2 + 3H2O

Ethyl alcohol is toxic, just not as much as other alcohols. Excessive drinking of alcohol can be fatal and chronic drinking often results in liver damage. Alcohols in the body are processed first into aldedhydes or ketones, and the aldehydes are then processed into carboxylic acids. Ethyl alcohol is first processed into acetaldehyde and then into acetic acid, the active component of vinegar. Acetic acid is easily metabolized by the body.

The equation for fermentation of the simple sugars to alcohol are, Sugar (glucose) yields alcohol (Ethyl alcohol) + CO2 (g) + energy.

Acetic acid and ethanol (ethyl alcohol) converts to the ester, ethyl acetate (ethyl ethanoate) and water : CH3CO-OH + H-OCH2CH3 -> CH3COOCH2CH3 + H2O

Any carboxylic acid as Acetic acid and any alcohol as Ethyl alcohol may form an ester.

Glucose, Urea, Ethyl alcohol, Acetone, Acetic acid, Cholestrol e.t.c

Concentrated vinegar (Acetic acid) + Hand sanitizer containing Ethanol (Sometimes listed as ethyl alcohol).

An alcohol comebines with an organic acid: then an esteris formed:ethanol + acetic acid --> ethyl acetate.

No. Ethyl alcohol is not an electrolyte.

Ethyl alcohol is an organic compound

Ethyl alcohol is considered a depressant.

Yes, ethyl alcohol and isopropyl alcohol are drinkable.

C2h5oh + 3 o2 ------> 2 co2 + 3 h2o

ye ans me denda hundha tudhe kolo jarru puhvna

methyl alcohol has the formula CH3COOH but ethyl alcohol has the formula C2H5OH .Methyl alcohol is the first alcohol in the homologous series,and ethyl alcohol is the 2nd.methyl alcohol is called methanol, ethyl alcohol is called ethanol.

ethyl alcohol DOES NOT dissolve in pentane

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