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Is James Haven and Rebecca St. James dating?

No, James Haven and Rebecca St. James never were dating.

How old is Rebecca from full house?

They never mentioned her age. She looks really young though.

How much does LeBron James weigh?

260 lbNo one really knows because Lebron never comes out and answers the question. I believe he is between 260 and 270

Why does God never talk to you?

A:Many believe that God does not exist, and if God does not exist he can never really talk to you.

When was Jacob permitted to marry Rebecca?

Jacob was never permitted to marry Rebecca since she was his mother.

What was it like for James Buchanan as a kid?

it was like really eretating he never was married

What is the animal that never gets sick?

hippoANS 2 -I really don't believe there is an animal that never gets sick.

Is Zayn Malik and Rebecca Ferguson engaged?

no, they never were.

When did rebecca black start singing?

What are you talking about? She never sang. Maybe you meant "When did Rebecca Black start squealing?"

Why did the Incas believe their rulers never really died?

i lived uin inca time hahahahahahah

When does Rebecca Black's next album come out?

hopefully never

In the Hitchcock movie Rebecca who plays Rebecca?

there is no actress because there is no visual representation of Rebecca. we only get our information about Rebecca through other characters. Her character never once appears on screen so no point in hiring an actress for her :P

Was Sunday the real day Jesus rose?

Christians believe that Jesus rose on Sunday. Others believe that Jesus never really rose from the dead.

How do you get over a relationship?

i believe that you never really get over somebody, until you find somebody that you care about more.

Are mermaids still alive today?

No. Mermaids never really existed. Sorry to burst your bubble if you do believe in them... :(

Is Rebecca going to fail music?

yes rebecca is gonna fail music but so I'm i.... she loves too talk and never get her work done she is gonna fail together lol but now we are talking about her ear being really red lol i know random...

Was the hero boy really just dreaming about The Polar Express?

No,he really was on the train ride,his parents never heard the train because they don't believe.

What is an important symbol throughout the novel Rebecca?

I think that Rebecca herself is a symbol in the book, for she is never present, but symbolizes the protagonist's fear and anguish

What is the moral lesson in the movie karate kid?

The moral lession of Karate Kid is that you should never give up on anything you really believe in , as the song says Never Say Never.

Would Justin Bieber do a duet with Rebecca Black?

Never in a million years!

Why did Captain Cook settle in Australia?

James Cook never settled in Australia. He was sent to explore whether there really was a great southern continent, but he never settled in Australia.

What do Christians belevie about The Bible?

The majority of Christians today believe the Bible is the inspired word of God and completely true - the instruction book for humanity. Others believe some of the stories in the bible are metaphors or allegories to teach a lesson and never really happened. Lastly, there are some who believe the Bible is a nice collection of stories that never really occurred as they perceive contradictions which they have not or can not explain/reconcile.

How do you know the truth when threre are different conclusions regardind a fact?

you can never really know the just depends on what you believe in

What do they believe they saw in the story lord of the flies?

They believed that there was a beast living on the island, but they never really describe what it looks like.

I am Lebron James. I just typed in this question. Do you believe this is Lebron James typing in a question on huh?

No because labron James would never go on wikianswers he would just train for basketball games