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Girls Becoming AnorexicI was diagnosed by a specialist with anorexia, 26 yrs. old, so really any age after puberty, i notice in todays generation that a lot of young girls are 'want to be 's, i have no clue why someone would want to be anorexic, you lose your hair, mestration, and its a really lonely life! But to be honest, to have anorexia, you have to have the physcological disease, no one can make themselves anorexic, i cant explain that enough, i think a lot of young girls just want attention & don't realize that just starving/counting calories and overexercise is not what anorexia is all about! Its a physcological disease that takes years to build up & eventually come out,its not a choice or 'life style', its a sickness like cancer or aids only people don't realize this.If you really have anorexia you will often lose control of it & feel you are 'in control', you also are in denial. That's why i have no clue why they call them 'pro ana' sites, real anorexics never admit they are while they are doing this stuff.Also real anorexics don't share with others normally, they do research on their own and don't discus it,unless they are trying to recover!

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  • People become anorexic at any age, but usually people become anorexic at the age of 13 or over. But anorexia will make your hair thin and fall out and your skin can go pale and you will eventually die if you're not carefull because your body eats it's self up (not just fat) and your body will collapse and fail.
  • A girl can become anorexic at any age. Usually around the time puberty hits is when it starts. If you are worried about yourself or someone else get help immediately! Being anorexic can make you more attractive in the beginning, but then you become too thin, and sick. Many medical problems can occur and if you or the person you know doesn't help they could die. If you want to lose weight, eat right and work out. It comes off slower, but its healthy and you will look great.
  • I became anorexic at the age of 15. It was a few months before my actual GCSE exams. I guess stress plays an important factor in our eating habits. Girls can become anorexic at any age, even boys. I know someone who became anorexic at the age of 30 so it is not just teenagers.
  • You can definitelly get it at any time. Anorexia is about taking out your emotions on your body, which women do all the time. My boyfriend dumped me, I'm fat, etc. But I don't think you so much "catch it" as you are born with certain attitudes that cause you to become anorexic. I think most anorexics would make great interior designers or Astrophysics experts--they are so obsessed with ridiculously minute details. When I was anorexic, everything had to be perfect. Nothing was anyone else's fault, it was always mine. So I think Anorexia is more an attitude that just shows itself in your eating habits.
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Q: At about what age do girls become anorexic?
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How many girls become anorexic in their lifetime?

I think about half out of 100

Why do boys become anorexic?

Boys and girls tend to become anorexic for generally the same reasons, are though there are far more girls who are anorexic than there are boys (girls:boys = 9:1). Usually it has to do with social pressures and a desire for one's body to look a certain way.

How do sims become anorexic?

They can't become anorexic.

Is there a book on how to become anorexic?

There are not any books available that tell you how to become anorexic, but there are guides on the internet that can tell you how to become anorexic.

What percent of girls are anorexic?

the percent of girls that are anorexic is 90% the other 10% are boys (i know this for a fact)

Why do celeberities become anorexic?

I think that celebrities become anorexic, because when they were children, or teens, their hero or heroins were anorexic, and their anorexic now. But maybe it is because they don't think they are skinny enough (which of course every celeb is), and try to go on a regular diet, but end up going anorexic. And regular girls see them doing it, so they go anorexic, and it just passes down generation to generation, and it gets worse and worse each century.

How do you become an anorexic?

You can become anorexic by not eating or limiting the portions of food in a diet, and by going on a very strict diet.

How much money is spent on anorexic teenagers?

Im not sure, you should become anorexic and figure it out, HAHA! =) Im not sure, you should become anorexic and figure it out, HAHA! =)

How do you become Anorexic in a day?

You don't

Are girls more likely to get anorexia?

Yes, for every single male who is anorexic, there are nine females who are anorexic.

How many people become anorexic in the UK?

Roughly 1 in every 250 people is anorexic.

Does your heart shrink if your anorexic?

It cant really it won't promise me but doen't become anorexic you can die of it

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