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no one. they joined an alliance with Germany in 1940

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France __ France was in the war from the very beginning. It was Italy that joined the allied side after the start of the war.

Italy was part of the Allied Forces in World War 1.

Italy joined the Allied powers when they saw that the war was going in the favor of the Allied powers.

Russia == Russia was in the war from the beginning. It was Italy that didn't join the war in 1914

The countries that were allied with the Nazis in World War 2 were Japan and Italy, but Italy fought against the Nazis with the Allies towards the end of the war.

allied powers during world war 1 were france, japan, usa, uk,italy

Germany & Italy were allied to Japan in WWII.

Italy fought on the side of the Allies in World War One. In World War Two, Mussolini allied Italy with Germany and declared war on Britain and France (and later the USA). In 1943 Mussolini was ousted and Italy joined the Allied powers.

Japan was not allied with Germany in World War 1. That was world war 2.

Yes, Italy was part of the Allied forces in WWI.

Germany, Italy and Japan lost the war to allied powers................

Germany, Austria - Hungary, and Italy fought against the allied forces, although Italy did switch sides late in the war.

The four Allied Powers were Britain, France, Russia and Italy

Italy and Germany were allied to Japan during WWII.

Germany, Japan and Italy were allied. Britain, France, U.S.A and Russia were allied.

Operation Avalanche and operation Baytown were codenames associated with the Allied invasion of Italy.

In World War 1 Allied Powers, and in World War 2 Axis

Benito Mussolini until Italy fell to the Allied troops

Yes. Italy surrendered to Allied forces after being defeated and pushed out of North Africa. Sicily fell to Allied Commanders in Aug. 1943. Italy agreed to joins the allied forces in October of 1943.

During World War Two, Italy's main ally was Germany.

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