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The narrator says that he was a very wealthy man with ten thousand a year. Also that he was very proud and disagreeable.

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The narrator reveals that Mr. Darcy, a wealthy and eligible bachelor, is considered one of the most eligible bachelors in the room at the first ball. His wealth and social standing make him a highly sought-after match for the young ladies in attendance.

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The narrator says he is good looking, that it is said he is very wealthy, with an income of ten thousand per year, and that people soon regard him as excessively proud and disagreeable.

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Q: At the first ball what fact does the narrator give about Darcy?
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Pride and Prejudice What makes Elizabeth cross at the start of the Netherfield ball?

Elizabeth was cross because Wickham was not at the ball, and because Wickham's absence resulted from the fact that Darcy was there. Elizabeth, at that time, believed Wickham had been injured socially and financially by Darcy and had no idea that Wickham was actually avoiding Darcy because he did not what his own guilty past exposed.

What happened the first time Mr Darcy proposed to Elizabeth?

Elizabeth told Darcy that she didn't want to marry him

How does charlotte excuse darcy's pride?

From the scene of the ball where Darcy was introduced in the story, he was said to be proud and unsociable, unlike the amiable and well-liked Bingley. Darcy didn't offer to dance with the girls despite the fact that there alot of the girls were without dancing partners. This was considered to be impolite behaviour. Besides, Darcy didn't socialise much with the people, and thus he was termed as being proud right from the beginning.

How did elizabeth respond when Wickham explained his troubled relationship with mr darcy?

that Darcy was jealous of whickam and that Darcy was angry that his own father left whickam money.

As they gaze on madeline the narrator commented on her resemblance to roderick what does he tell the narrator?

He tells the narrator that they are in fact twins.

How does the fact that the job market was in bad shape when the narrator graduated from college affect the narrator and the events of and My First Day on the Job and Use evidence from the tex?

The fact that the job market was in bad shape when the narrator graduated from college in "My First Day on the Job" adds tension and uncertainty to the narrator's experience of starting their career. This is evident in the narrator's nervousness about making a good impression on their first day of work, as they mention feeling the pressure to succeed and stand out among other talented individuals vying for the same job opportunities. The challenging job market serves as a backdrop that intensifies the narrator's apprehension and desire to excel in their new job.

Did the servants at Kimberly believe that Mr Darcy was an indolent person?

No, the servants at Pemberley did not believe Mr. Darcy was indolent. In fact, they respected and admired him for his responsible and caring demeanor towards them and the estate.

What obstacles stop Mr Darcy and Lizzy from falling in love in Pride and Prejudice?

Mr Darcy is very proud, and does not want to admit his feelings for Lizzy, and she does the same. Also, Mr Darcy's aunt is extrememly opposed to their marriage, as she has arranged nuptials between her daughter, Anne, and Mr Darcy when they were children. Add to this the fact that Lizzy is of quite low birth compared to Fitzwilliam Darcy and you have a cocktail of awkwardness.

Which of these statements is a fact from the reading assignment?

Mr. Darcy found Lydia Bennet and George Wickham in London.

Which is the term for a narrator who reports the fact without opinions or feelings?

Such a narrator is described as an objective narrator. In reality it is impossible to be totally objective in reporting anything.

Give two functions of the secondary character Colonel Fitzwilliam?

Col. Fitzwilliam reveals to Elizabeth the fact that Darcy had acted to separate Bingley from Jane. Col. Fitzwilliam also is used by Darcy as a reference to back up his claims about Wickham.

What plan has Lady Catherine already made for Darcy?

Lady Catherine has already arranged for Darcy to marry her daughter, Anne de Bourgh, believing it is the perfect match for enhancing her family's social standing and wealth. She is determined to see this plan through, regardless of Darcy's own feelings or desires.