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A child will start thinking more mature as they go through puberty, but won't be fully mature until after.

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Q: At what age can a child begin to think like an adult?
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What did Albert Einstein like to do in his free time?

As a child, he liked to play the violin. As an adult, he enjoyed thinking alone or discussing his thoughts with other scientists.

When a child is homeschooled is there a bigger chance that the child will be just like their parents with the same views and beliefs?

Generally, yes. If you think about this question, the reasons may be obvious.

The Concrete Operations Stage of Child Development?

When a child reaches the age of seven or eight, he or she enters a period that child development specialists refer to as the concrete operations stage. The concrete operations stage is the period that a child begins to be able form thoughts that are actually logical and organized. While the first couple of years of a child’s education are important to socializing a child to the school system and teaching him or her the fundamentals of language and math, it is not until the concrete operations stage that children begin to retain information in an organized way. Here is what you need to know about this crucial stage of child development. Not all children enter the concrete operations stage of child development at the same time. A parent or teacher can tell that there child is entering this stage when he or she begins to display signs that they are perceiving the world in a rational way. Children in the early period of the concrete operations stage begin to be able to understand that all processes are reversible on a cognitive level, such as 2 + 3 = 5 and 5- 3 = 2. In terms of education, the concrete operations stage of child development is considered extremely important. For the first time, children in this stage of child development start being able to form mental categories for what they see and experience in the world. For example, a child is only able to differentiate objects by shapes, colors and other physical attributes prior to the concrete operations stage. Once he or she has moved into this stage of child development, a child can start recognizing and memorizing categories of things. The concrete operations stage of child development is also the period in which a child begins to lose his or her belief in magic and fairy tales. As a child develops the ability to process and store information in a rational, logical way, he or she inevitably begins to notice that mythical beings and magical forces do not hold up to rational scrutiny. As a result, this is typically that age that children who are afraid of the dark begin to feel more safe and some basic questions about the validity of folk tales and cultural touchstones like Santa start being asked.

Is division an adjective?

It depends on how you think of it.If you think of it in a sentence like this: The divisionproblem was very hard, then yes, it's an Adjective.However, if you think of it like this: The hard divisionreally made me think, then no, it is a noun.

How can you use curious in a metaphor?

curious as a cat or curious like a child

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If a child quits school and goes to work as an adult and then decides to goe back 2 years later to school are you still responsible to pay for his school?

It depends They proberly want you to pay it but really they need to because if they think they can go to work like an adult they will need to pay money like an adult

Do you believe that a child has the same emotional and intellectual capacity as an adult?

A child has the same emotional capacity as an adult. It is towards which objects their emotions are directed that vary. A child can feel pain and cry, just like an adult. A child can love, be happy, and be sad. All these characteristics can be found in adults. When it applies to intellectual capacity then no children are not in the same playing field with adults. A child has not developed their mind to the point of adult thinking and rationality. So therefore, no a child is not intellectually equal to an adult.

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A stage in life where you begin to develop more adult-like characteristics is called?

PubertyHope this helps!