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The court does not allow a minor child to arbitrarily change residency from one custodial parent to another unless there is a court order allowing the action. The parent wishing to take custody of the child must file a petition for such in the appropriate state court in the city or county where they or in some cases the child resides.

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Q: At what age can a child decide to move out of state and live with their biological father?
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If a father dies without a will leaving one biological child and a step child does the biological child automatically inherit what he left behind or would it go to the state because there is no will?

The biological child.

Can a non biological father give away his rights in new york state The child is 10 and the father is not the biological father. The real father has no rights.?

Russell SykesRyan mackieSimon payne

In new York state can the biological mother take her child to another state to live if she is not married to the biological father?

Yes, but he can file an injunction to stop it.

Is a child who was adopted after the biological father signed over parental rights entitled to any of the biological father's estate?

Only if the child is named in the deceased's Will. He or she would not be entitled to an inheritance by way of state probate succession laws.

If the biological father is not listed on the birth certificate what rights does he have over the child in the state of Texas?

A DNA test can prove if the biological father is actually the father. If it is proven he is the father, then he should have all parental rights as any other parent.

Does biological father can be sue for not giving support for his illegitimate son?

He can be sued by the child's mother or other guardian, and/or by the State.

If a father dies leaving no will and a biological child and a wife and then the wife remarries does the wife lose the house in the state of Texas?


If you died would your son be taken away from his step father and step brother and returned to his biological father seeing as legally he is not my husband's baby or does marriage bring rights?

Marriage by itself does not bring custody rights to non-biological children. Where the children go when the biological mother dies depends on who has custody, whether the non-biological father has adopted the child, whether the biological father wants the child, and on the laws of the state where all of this is happening.

Can you drop child support for my sons father and still get medicaid for my son?

No. It's always the biological parents who first has the obligation to support their child, not the state.

What if mom marries and moves out of state can the biological father sign over his rights and have the new husband adopt the child?


If you're not married to the father of your baby and decide end the relationship who gets custody of the child and can you move the child to another state?

The court decides and no.

Can I sign the birth certificate if I am not the child's biological father?

No, that would be fraud. Unless you are the husband of the mother, by state law, that automatically makes you the father. In that case, the biological father may have to go to court and prove paternity before changing the name.

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