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At what age can a minor work and receive pay in Louisiana?


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its 14 copy and paste this to your Google search

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At what age can a minor work and receive pay inen England ?"

A minor can begin work in Kentucky at age of 14 years old.

In the State of Michigan a student can work at the age of 15 with a work permit from the school they attend.

The best way for a minor to work and receive pay is to mow a lawn or babysit for someone that you or your parents know. You can work for pay in Colorado when you are 14.

you havr to be 14 to 17 to receive pay for a real job.

You're ON the internet. . .literally. . .Google it.

== == Atleast fourteen years of age. But they can only work a certain amount of hours.

it depends on the job (minimum:14 but must have work permit )

the agege to work in Louisiana is 13 yars of age

The minimum age requirement to work in New Mexico is 14. Workers should also provide a work permit until the age of 16.

I think BUT I am not SURE its age 14. Or ask some one you know maybe.

GO to in look at the "kid and youth" section

11 according to the Nevada law I read the handbook of laws.

The minimum age to work in the state of Washington is 14 years old. If you are 14 or 15, you can only work 23 hours a week during school.

With a permit it was 15 about 20 years ago I am guessing it is the same now.

I believe the age is fourteen. However, most resturants such as McDonald's, Wendy's, and Tim Hortons usually hire at fifteen.

age at which minor can workThe age you can work as a minor in Florida is 14. If you are under 16 years old you can only work 3 hours if you have school the next day and you can work 8 hours if you have no school the next day. Try publix, target, fast food restuarants, fairs, flea markets, jamba juice and local parks if you are 14-15 years old.

14 but only during vacation and outside of school hours until 16.

In the state of Idaho minors have to be at least 14 years old to work a nonagricultural job. The minimum wage in Idaho is $7.25.

The age of majority in Louisiana, like most states, is 18. Until that point they are considered a minor for most situations under the law. The parents remain responsible for them until that age.

you only have to be 14 to get a job in South Carolina. That's exactly what I did. good luck.

The age is 14. If you're looking for a job at age 14, Google "Teen Employment Arizona." For sure, they offer jobs in Phoenix, Tempe, and Scottsdale.

A minor can begin working at the age of fourteen in Delaware. Minors between the ages of fourteen and seventeen will need a work permit in order to work.

Yes, a minor child under the age of 16 can work in the state of Pennsylvania. A work permit must be granted before any minor under the age of 18 can work in the state.

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