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At what age can you vote in Thailand?

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18 compulsory

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Do people in Thailand vote?

Yes, since the age of 18

How does Thailand vote?

they vote like they do in the u.s.a

How old do you have to be to vote in Thailand?


Who can vote in Thailand?

men and woman

Can women vote in Thailand?

Well ofc !

Do women in Thailand have right to vote?


Are citizens allowed to vote in Thailand?

Yes citizens are allowed to vote in Thailand. They are allowed to vote in House of Representatives, Senate, Local Administration, City of Bangok Councils, Gubernatorial elections, and Referendums.

When did the women of Thailand get the right to vote?

Not all women in the world have the right to vote and express their views on important matters. Women in Thailand got the right to vote in 1932. Many exercise this right in elections.

What year in Thailand were women given the right to vote?


What age are you vote in the japan?

the minimum age you can be to vote is 20.

What age can a citizen of Illinois vote?

You can vote at age 18.

Why do you have to vote when you get to the age of 18?

Nobody in the U.S. has to vote when they get to the age of 18.

What age can you vote in Cuba?

you are able to vote in Cuba at the age of 18

Age to vote?

The age that we can vote is 21 years and above.It is compulsory to vote it you already 21 or above

At what age can people vote in France?

In France, you can vote, and be elected from age 18.

What is the age to vote in Australia?

The age at which one has the right to vote in Australia is 18.

What is the age at which you can vote according to the twenty sixth amendment?

You can vote at the age of 18.

What age can you vote?

You have to be 18 to vote in the US.

What was the legal age to vote in 1971?

The legal age to vote was changed to 18 in 1971.

How do you be striper at the age of 14?

move to Thailand

What age do people in Britain vote?

Britains become of age at 18. This would probably mean that they are allowed to vote at this age.

What is the stipulated age to vote in South Africa?

Yoy have to be at least 18 years of age to vote.

What is the legal drinking age in Bangkok Thailand?

20 but if you're foreigner in Thailand they don't care lol

At what age are you able to vote?

at the age of 18begining .

What age do you have to be to vote in Italy?

In Italy you have to be 18 to vote, but 25 to vote for senate elections.

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