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Many people have a hazy future plan that involves marriage/children, but people vary on their age when they make the decision to "settle down". Overall, it depends less on what age a person is and more on the relationship they are currently in. If you've been in a relationship for a couple of years, likely at some point the subject has come up. Unless someone has an overwhelming desire for marriage/parenthood and views it as goal to complete by a certain point in their life, most people will not make a decision about marriage until they're involved with someone who they feel meets their requirements in a marital partner.

Some people have no interest in marriage or children at all. If a person you're dating says they don't plan of getting married or being a father, don't believe you can change their mind or that they may change their own mind in the future.

AnswerThis depends on quite a few things. How mature are they. Are they willing to give 100% to someone else. Are they ready to take on the responsibilities of a committed relationship. Do theyunderstand what true love is. Can they communicate well. IF the guy is in his mid to late twenties and still parties like he's in high school he's not ready. If the guy is in his thirties and still thinks of women like objects, he's not ready. If the guy is in his forties and doesnt own any thing of value, he's not ready. If a man is in his fifties and hasn't had any lengthy relationship, he'll never be ready. If they still live with their parents, run really fast because they'll be mooches forever......IF you have been in a relationship for 2-3 years with a guy and it hasn't progressed somewhat and you have not seen any sort of commitment, stop wasting your time. You'll wait forever. The saying of why buy the cow when you already get the milk for free is basically true for immature umcommital people in general.....
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The difference for you between a committed relationship and marriage?

A committed relationship could simply be an agreement between two people. Marriage is a legally binding arrangement, licensed by the state.

What could a more serious relationship lead to?

it would totally lead to marriage.

What is gods role in a marriage?

god is the glue in a marriage and a strong thing to have in common in your relationship you and your mate are a twist that could easily be parted but with god in the relationship you r a braid that is much harder to unravel

What does it mean when are constantly thinking of exboyfriend?

It just means that you miss him and want the relationship back. It could also mean that he's thinking of you as well.

Should marriage counseling be tried for a broken marriage?

Marriage counseling shoul be tried if both parties of the married couple want to save the relationship. A counselor can listen to each side of the relationship. The counselor then will give advice to what the couple could do to save the relationshiop.

What does a wife of 33 years of marriage of stay at home mom in Michigan get from a divorce- Alimony?

an very confused minf she more likely is having second thoughts of the marriage because she could think at night that you are thinking of other women at night and she is thinking of men and is tires of the marriage

Seek Marriage Counseling if Your Marriage is in Serious Danger of Failing?

Have you had problems in your marriage as of late that could possibly risk ruining the entire marriage? If so, it could be worthwhile to seek marriage counseling to save your love and relationship with your spouse. Instead of allowing the marriage to keep heading down the same path that it is heading and fail, take the time to improve it and yourself by getting into marriage counseling with your spouse. It could be the life raft for your marriage, and it could end up helping your marriage do a total 180.

Will divorce improve the relationship in the family?

Marriage is a bind and way accepting of being inseparable with, so divorce could never improve the relationship in the Family...

What can you send your boyfriend in a long distance relationship to let him know you are thinking about him that is not a letter?

You could e-mail him.

What is the relationship of 2 people who share the same aunt one by marriage?

There is no relationship, since genealogy is the study of blood relationships, but you could call them cousins-in-law.

Who is the best woman to have an affair with?

Your wife. Imagine the relationship you could have if instead of looking outside your marriage, you looked within.

What does you are taking this relationship to no limit mean?

Could mean sex, could mean marriage, definitely means some sort of large-scale commitment.

Why was Romeo and Juliet's marriage not in play?

b/c they both committed suicide thinking the other was dead before they could get married.

If your wife doesn't want to talk about marriage problems what does this mean?

If your wife does not want to talk about marriage problems it could mean you have discussed your marriage problems before and nothing has changed to improve the relationship or, she may be thinking of leaving the marriage or she may be seeing someone else. It is important that you have good communication skills and since your wife refuses to talk about your marriage problems then you will have to be blunt in asking if she wants out of the marriage. If she still does not answer then tell her you cannot live in a marriage where the two of you don't try to resolve your problems and divorce seems to be the only way out. This may shock her into talking or, she may agree to a divorce.

What is name of relationship between your kids and your sisters husband?

nece and nefu i spelled it wrong though sorry if someone could update this better Your daughters are his nieces by marriage and your sons are his nephews by marriage.

What are the disadvantages if arranged marriage?

Well they might not love them (or even stand them) and this could affect their personal relationship between the couple. ;p

What is a boy thinking about when he has a crush on you?

He is probably thinking how he could ask you out. Or when he could ask you out. Or he is thinking about telling you or not.

How could one save a marriage as a man?

Depending on the relationship, a man can try and save his marriage by acting compassionately. A man can try and romance his wife to try and make things work by putting the spark in their marriage. Showing interest in their spouse can also help a man save a rocky marriage.

Can a girlfriend be added to a boyfriends health insurance?

Yes a girlfriend can be added if she is one of the boyfriends loved ones (relationship could lead to marriage)

Why woman enters in extramarital relationship?

because she isn't getting what she needs from her marriage - these needs could be physical, emotional, financial, or just from boredom.

What is it mean if you dream about being in a relationship?

it could mean maybe you just want to be with them, or maybe in the future it could possibly happen. it is also possible that maybe they went to sleep thinking about you :)

Does lying about your age invalidates marriage license?

If you are a minor it could cause a problem and a way to annul the marriage.If you are a minor it could cause a problem and a way to annul the marriage.If you are a minor it could cause a problem and a way to annul the marriage.If you are a minor it could cause a problem and a way to annul the marriage.

What does it mean to take it further in a relationship?

It really depends on where you are in the relationship and if you are both ready to take it further in the relationship. It could mean simply holding hands or a kiss on the cheek. Or maybe making out or possibly even intercourse. If you are already serious it could be moving in together or marriage. And only take it further if you are both ready for it.

Dreaming of leaving your partner?

You may not be happy in your relationship and have entertained the thoughts of breaking up the relationship or that your partner is thinking along these lines, but feel you still love your partner or, it could simply be a dream and it could be as simple as someone telling you that they broke up with their partner.

Should it matter that your dating this guy and find out that your some what related by marriage?

Nope. If you aren't first cousins or closer, there is no problem. And relationship by marriage means absolutely nothing. You could marry your brother's wife's brother with no problem.