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At what age do men start losing their hair?

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The average for noticeable hair loss is about 30, but that's just an average. For some men it starts much later, and for many men it starts in their twenties. Some even start in their teens.

There really is no age limit to it. Any male from teenager on up is in danger of losing their hair. However, If you still have a full head of hair at 30 then you are more likely to keep it the rest of your life, but that is still not a guarantee.

2010-09-23 16:50:54
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Q: At what age do men start losing their hair?
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What age do men stop losing their hair?


How soon can a man start to lose his hair?

Men can start losing their hair at a very early age, like around 20, although that is very uncommon. Most men lose their hair around 40-50 years old, and continue to lose their hair from there.

What percentage of men over 30 years start loosing their hair?

About 80 % of them start losing it

Is Obama losing his hair?

Of course all men loose hair dumbo. -.-

When do boys start getting chest hair?

Boys usually grow chest hair between the ages of 12 and 18. However, men as old as 30 years of age can start growing chest hair.

How do you prevent from losing hair of men?

Take vitamins and take care of self.

Why do men get grey hair at a young age?


What age does the change start in men?

The "change" start in men, when the man is ready to change.

You are 25 years old male but you have not have hair in face why?

there is a lot of men that do not have hair in their face at that age but usually most men do.mabe your dad didnt have it at that age or it just isnt in your geans

When do most men grow facial hair?

Most boys don't start to develop facial hair until they are 14-16 years of age. At first it does not grow as fast or as full as in an adult, but as they age it will become less patchy and more coarse.

Men n their love signals?

When they play with their hair and start purring.

Why mens hair fall out when they get older?

Hair loss in men as they age has to do with a reduction of hormones (such as testosterone in the case of men's body hair) in their body.

What causes the thinning of hair in men?

There are many factors that attribute to thinning hair in men. Genetics is one factor that mainly contributes to hair thinning. Other factors could be age, health and diet.

Why do men get grey hair at young age?

Grey hair may be brought on by stress, and it's something that can happen to women as well. Men with lighter hair colors may face grey hair much quicker simply because of the color.

You are 13 half Asian 50 cm tall and have no pubic hair or body hair are you just a late bloomer?

Yes there is nothing to worry about a lot of young men don't see any curlies before then. I didn't start getting pubic hair until age 12 or 13. After that, it kept growing. Asian men tend to have less body hair than other groups.

When did cyclops from x men lost one eye?

Age of Apocolypse. Wolverine stabbed him in the eye thus losing an arm

Do men have hair?

Yes, some men have hair. Some men decide not to cut it that often. So men have hair if they want to.

When will men start to get chest hair?

It varies quite a bit; some 13-year-old boys will have some chest hair, while some men don't start growing any until they're in their 30s. Men's body hair doesn't finish growing until somewhere in their 30s.

What foods will stimulate hair growth on my chest?

None; chest hair and body hair are determined by genetics and age and by nothing else. If the adult men in your family have chest hair, then you probably will get some too--though in many men chest hair doesn't grow in, or grow in fully, until their 30s.

How do men grow hair on their dick?

It grows naturally as you get older and start developing through puberty.

Can men blow-dry their hair?

Yes, men can blow-dry their hair, and hair products exist specifically for men to style their hair.

Do men have hair in their ass?

yes men do have hair in their butt

You are 16 years old and still have less facial hair?

Don't worry it will come with age. A lot of men do not get facial hair until their twenties.

What age do late bloomers get mature facial hair?

At the age of 24 will full facial hair be in full effect. Test levels will rise in men. Male pattern baldness is common around this time

What age does testicular cancer start at?

It is most common in men between 20 and 34 years of age. Although it can strike at any age.