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There isn't a set age for growing facial hair. A woman can notice changes after having kids, or after a major hormonal change like menopause. This link may be helpful in understanding it: What do you mean?Male Teenagers?Puberty..usually in high school..

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Q: At what age does a person start growing facial hair?
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What age can you start shaving?

As soon as you start growing facial hair.

Is there anything you can do to help your facial hair start growing?


Is there anything you can do to help your facial hair start growing other then shaving?

Sadly NO!

Which hormone is responsible for growing facial hair of men?

Dihydrotestosterone, a derivative of testosterone which is responsible for growing facial hair.

What age does a male teenager start growing facial hair?

At the age of 13 to 15

Does facial hair have anything to do with you not growing anymore?

No, facial hair is just a part of puberty. Sooner or later you will stop growing but it's not linked to the hair.

Is it normal for 11 year old to start growing facial hair?

No, You are probably going to die.

What do you do to grow facial hair?

You regularly clean, massage and shave your facial hair to stimulate growing..

Why do you have facial hair?

because when you get old hair starts growing

Does saw palmetto reduce facial hair in women?

yes it does reduce facial hair and it stops hair from growing on your crouch.

When does facial hair stop growing?


When do you get your beard?

Most guys start growing facial hair around the age of 14 or whenever you hit puberty

Why do boys get pubic and facial hair?

It is part of growing up and becoming an adult. As we go through Puberty we start to get adult features and become mature, this includes having facial, body and pubic hair.

How do you stop growing facial hair?

Just shave it off.

Is there a certain length that a guys facial hair will stop growing?


When do you grow facial hair?

Boys generally start growing facial hair between 13 and 15 years old, and the first hairs are usually quite fine and won't be as coarse or dark until he matures more.

Can facial hair still grow a few days after death?

No There is a myth about facial hair growing after death (and fingernails as well). Hair does not grow after death (nor do fingernails). However, there can be an illusion of hair growing after death. The skin can shrink, exposing more hair.

What is the purpose of facial hair?

Facial hair in males is/was used as a protection against the elements when in the role of hunter/provider. It has also been used to attract the opposite sex. by decorating or growing facial hair.

Are most women attracted to facial hair?

Yes growing facial hair is in one of the top 10 things guys can do to attract a woman

Does Facial hair grow back?

Facial hair does grow back on most people. Facial hair does grow at different rates and thicknesses for each person.

Do acne scars prevent facial hair from growing?

Unfortunately yes :(

Why does growing facial hair itch?

If you have long facial hair, you might want to exfoliate to clean way any residue left from soap or moisturizer

When do most men start shaving their face?

because they are growing facial hair anddon't want to look like cavemen/gorillas......ddrrrrr

When do boys start growing facial hair?

Boys can begin to develop facial hair as early as 10 or as late as 20, it mostly depends on the persons genes and testosterone levels. The average age range is about 13- 16 years of age.

How will you know when you start to grow facial hair?

you will see hair on your face