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At what age is a rooster mature enough to fertilize eggs?

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It takes about 4-5 months for roosters to start fertilizing eggs. Some cockerels take a little longer to mature.

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How does rooster fertilize eggs?

chicken fertilize egg

Can a rooster chicken fertilize a guinea hen's eggs?

Typically, a rooster chicken will fertilize a guinea hen's eggs. This may not be true for every rooster however, since some will not.

How do you get your rooster to fertilize your eggs?

You don't the rooster needs to mate with the hen. Then the eggs will be fertile for about a month

When is a rooster too old to fertilize eggs?

A rooster can fertilize eggs for 8 years or more. The length of production depends on the breed and health of the bird.

How old can a rooster be to fertilize eggs?

they will feterlize eggs all there life

How do you fertilize a chicken?

To fertilize a hen you will need a rooster normally you will need one healty mature rooster for every 10 hens. Once the rooster and the hen mate sperm is realeased into the hen and stored in sacs in the hen and normally one matting will allow the hen to have a 10 day supply of sperm to fertilize the eggs.

When can a rooster fertilize eggs?

balh blah bikaha

Does a rooster sit on the egg to fertilize?

No. The rooster has relations with the hen and she lays fertilized eggs

Why is your rooster not fertilizing the eggs?

our roosters don't fertilize our eggs it would be good if they did

Can a bantam rooster fertilize a regular hen eggs?

It should

Why do you need a rooster if all you want is eggs?

You don't, the rooster is only to fertilize the eggs. Also, someone might want a rooster to wake them up in the morning.

How do you get a hen to lay eggs without a rooster?

A rooster is not required for hens to lay eggs. A rooster is only required to fertilize the eggs, i.e. if chicks are desired, or raising chickens is the objective.

How do you fertilize chicken eggs?

You should let rooster stay with the hen. The rooster will know what to do next.

When do chickens lay fertile eggs?

To lay fertile eggs the hen will need a rooster to fertilize the eggs.

Can a rooster fertilize a duck?

No, the interbreeding of a chicken and a duck will not produce viable eggs.

Is a chicken asexual or sexual?

They are sexual since a rooster is needed to fertilize the eggs.

What is the purpose of the rooster?

The purpose of the rooster in any chicken flock is to: A) Protect the flock. B) Fertilize the eggs and continue his genes.

Do Asian roosters lay eggs?

No possible rooster from any foreign country lays eggs a rooster is a male so it can only fertilize a hen for able to make an offspring

What other ways that eggs with shells can be hatched?

the answer is you have to have a rooster with your chicken to fertilize the egg or nothing can hatch

Does a rooster have to fertilize an egg?

If you want to have Chicks then you have to have a cockerel but if you want just eggs then it doesn't matter.

When chickens mate do the rooster give off sperm?

Yes, he must in order to fertilize eggs.

Why hens sit on their eggs if they dont have rooster to fertilize?

Because it is a natural instinct for them to go broody

How do you fertilize a store bought egg?

You can't fertilize an egg once it is out of the hen.In order to have fertilized eggs, you must keep a hen with a rooster, then collect the eggs to incubate them and hatch chicks.

Can a rooster fertilize eggs year round?

YES Roosters are sexually active 12 months of the year.

Does a chicken need a rooster to fertilize each and every egg or does the chicken only need the rooster to lay eggs?

a chicken need a rooster to fertilize it's sex cell whatever it is A chicken can lay an egg without a rooster but the egg can never be hatched. If the egg is fertilized then the egg is able to hatch.