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At what age should you ask someone on a date for the first time?

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About when you're 13 or 14 will be a good age. If you have to ask, you sound young. I would say talk to your parents and see what they think. They are only looking out for your best interet. However, in my opinion, I would probably say no younger than 13.

2006-11-21 22:06:21
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Q: At what age should you ask someone on a date for the first time?
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How old should you be your first time kissing someone?

truthfully i think it should be around the same time you allowed to date.

Why should you date?

Because it's fun to go out with someone and have a good time together. And to get to know someone you like.

Why teens should be allowed to date?

Teens should be allowed to date because they like someone in a way that they want to share with someone just like an adult. They shouldn't be judged if they date someone, you see it all the time just keep a close eye on the teens when they date. They may get to caught up in the moment.

Should you date someone if they were emo at one time?

sure(: why not? they r a regulr person 2

Every time you date someone you feel like you have nothing to talk about with them what should you do and what should you talk about?

what ever u like

What do girls expect on the fist date?

i am a girl and i say a good time, fun, someone to relate to, and nothing to serious especially on a first date

What should you write in the first paragraph of a diary entry?

date/day time topic

Should girls put out on the first date?

No first have a nice date once you get really close put it all out there give the boy some time and have fun

When should someone have their first kiss?

Whenever you feel the time is right. Whatever you do do not rush it, you should have your first kiss with a guy you really like and someone who really likes you and tells yo how lucky he is to have you constantly. TAKE YOUR TIME.

Should you date a guy you have already dated?

Date whoever you want. If it didn't work out the first time then I would say you shouldn't.

Who should Abby date?

It sould be someone who she really connects with. Maybe not the guy she is with at the point and time, but she will know when her heart is ready.

What should 7th graders do on a first date?

In the 6th grade, my first date was a double date so I won't feel too nervous. My house has a pool in my backyard so we was there at night time. It was so fun. I had my first french kiss. So you should have your first date at a pool or beach. I hope this was good advise Good Luck and have fun

How much time should you date without a commitment?

I think that varies somewhat, but I personally would not date someone more than a year at the very most without a committment.

Can you date someone and be abstinent at the same time?


Is it normal to be nervous to ask a boy out on a date for the first time?

Yes, it is normal to be nervous when asking someone out for a date. In fact, it would be more abnormal if you weren't a bit nervous!

What does first love mean is it the first time you date or is it someone you really love?

First love refers to that very special person you fell in love with the very first time you fell in love. No one ever forgets that special person.

Can you date a girl you don't know?

It would be better to get to know her first. If someone else sets you up with her, it is called "a blind date." That type happens all the time. Of course you can date a girl you don't know.

How do you date a lady you first met?

You can't date someone you just met. You have to give it time , and hang out with her alot to see if she likes you. Girls don't like it when guys rush things.

What if someone was paying childsupport but they were not married and there was no paternity testing or paternity acknowledgement?

That someone should have confirmed paternity at the time the child support was ordered.That someone should have confirmed paternity at the time the child support was ordered.That someone should have confirmed paternity at the time the child support was ordered.That someone should have confirmed paternity at the time the child support was ordered.

How long should you date before calling someone your boyfriend?

There is no specific set out time it is basically when you both feel comfortable enough to decide and agree that you are going to just date one another.

Should you French kiss a girl on the first date?

if the mood is right! a guy i went out with for the first time last weekend did and I'm so into him now

I really want to ask this guy out but i don't know the first thing about dating what should i do?

ask him out and learn as you date him, first time for every thing.

How do you know if a guy has asked you out?

When someone asks you out they usually set a date (say Saturday night) and a time they will pick you up or where you should meet him. If he hasn't done this then I wouldn't call it a date. Marcy If he shows up on time to pick you up.

When do you kiss your boyfriend?

There Should Be No Type Of Set Date To Your First Kiss With Your Boyfriend, But When The Time Is Right It Will Happen, Don't Rush it !!

What should you do at a date?

Use the time to relax and get to know your date. If it's a first date, this is especially important. Once trust has been built up, dates are also a good time to lean on each other, figuratively, and offer support if your date is troubled. Most of all, enjoy it.