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At what temperature will a pool freeze?


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It depends on if a pool is above or below ground. While air temperature affects a body of water exposed to it, so does the ground temperature. A warm ground will keep your pool from freezing at 32 degrees F. However, an above-ground swimming pool may freeze above 32 degrees F is there is a cold wind. Thus, wind chill will lower the temperature of the pool tank (especially if it is metal) and your pool will freeze faster. Try a propane or wood-fired pool heater. In cloudy Northeastern states, solar heating is ineffective. In fact, today's solar pool heaters are too weak to keep a pool from freezing at sustained below-freezing temperatures. It's always best to drain any pool in a cold winter climate. Good luck and happy swimming!


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No way to tell, as it depends on several conditions:volume of poolshape of poolstarting temperature of waterstarting temperature of surrounding soilwindsunambient temperature

0 degrees Celsius, 32 degrees Fahrenheit.

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salt water does provide a lower degree of freezing temperature but the normal amount in a salt water pool is so low that the answer is "not enough to make a difference". Protect your pool and equipment from freezing as you would if it weren't a salt water pool

Brine freezes at -6.0F. Salt decreases the temperature that water will freeze at.

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Water freezes at 32 degrees Fahrenheit (which is 0 degrees Celsius). The factors which might change the temperature at which your pool pipes may freeze are: - other materials (such as salt) which are dissolved in the water - the rate of flow (if any) of the water through the pipes - the pipe diameter - the insulating properties of the pipes themselves - whether the pipes are buried underground Good luck with your pool!

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