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At which Olympics was the first Olympic torch lit?

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hittelers olimpics just befor ww2

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Amsterdam, summer Olympics, 1928

the torch was first lit in Greece

1302 the first torch was lit >:D

The Olympic torch was first lit in Olympia with a mirror focusing the beam of the sun onto the torch.

No, not until the 1936 Olympics in Berlin. There was an Olympic Flame at the 1928 Olympics in Amsterdam, but it wasn't lit using a flame brought from Greece or anywhere.

It was lit first in Olympia, Greece.

For the modern Olympic games, the first Olympic torch was lit in 1936 in Berlin, Germany. Those was the first Summer Olympic games in history.

At the 1952 Oslo Olympics, Eigil Nansen lit the first-ever Winter Olympics cauldron.

in olympia, in greece that is where the olympic torch is lit

the olympic torch was lit in greece

the torch is lit 3-4 months before the date of the olympics. the relay then takes place and is taken to the new venue of the olympics.

yesHere is an interesting bit of history. The lighting of the torch for the Olympics was started by Hitler for his Olympics in 1936.

It is extinguished at the closing ceremony of each Olympic Games. The torch is initially lit, by the Sun's rays that are concentrated by a mirror, at a ceremony in Olympia, Greece several months in advance of an Olympics. The relay then takes the torch to the site of the Olympics where the cauldron is lit with it.

the olympic torch was lit by the suns heat by going to it by aircraft rocket

Wayne Gretzki lit the torch in Vancouver

The Olympic flags are just our countries flags in the Olympics. They are never lit in the Olympics. I think you are refering to the torch that is carried by a runner who starts a fire at the beginning of the Olympic games and is put out at the closing ceremony.

it is lit from state to state to show the Olympics games will be held soon.

Using mirrors to focus the sun's rays the torch is first lit at an ancient Greek temple and then carried by relays of runners to the location of the games. The first relay was in 1936. Planes are used to cross oceans.

Wayne Gretzy Lit The Olympic Torch IN Vancouver

Wayne Gretsky lit the Olympic torch.

Italian cross country skier Stefania Belmondo.

Ali lit the Olympic flame at the 1996 Summer Games in Atlanta.

It is an eternal flame in Olympia Greece where the Olympics began.

The Olympic Flame was first lit during the opening ceremony of the IX Olympic Games at Amsterdam, Netherlands in 1928. There was a lot lof people there.

The torch for the 23rd Olympiad (1984 Summer Olympics in Los Angeles) was lit by 1960 gold medalist in the decathlon Rafer Johnson.

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