At which age does a horse eat solid food?

Updated: 8/17/2019
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Q: At which age does a horse eat solid food?
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What age can an elephant eat solid food?


When can cats eat solid food?

Most kittens can start to eat solid food at around 6-8 weeks of age.

What age can a baby eat solid food?

about nine months

When can a born puppy eat solid food?

3 monthsAnswer:Puppies can and should be introduced to solid food at four to five weeks of age.

How old do you have to be to eat?

You can be any age to eat, but to eat solid food you would have to be about a year old. It depends how well you develop

At what age should babies start to eat solid food?

4 to 6 months

How old do you have to be to eat a cheeseburger?

u can be any age Infants can't eat solid food, but anyone else can eat a cheeseburger.

When can a baby eat solid food?

Most at the age of 27 week old a pet dog can eat food at the age of 2to4week old. Mouse about 2week old.

What age do puppies eat solid food?

you feed a puppy solid food when it's 4 weeks old like watered or canned which ever you want

At what age on horse can a horse start to eat mash?

I would think after it's been eating solid food for a little while. I would just try feeding a little bit at a time and see what happens. A little isn't going to hurt.

How long til a puppy can eat solid food?

in 9 months he can eat solid food.