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Most banks have these available such as : Sallie Mae, Wells Fargo, Chase, USBank and Citizen's bank. There are also many credit card companies that will offer these as well.

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Who can apply for a private student loan?

Any person can apply for a private student loan at any time during the school year. Request for private student loans can be found and filled out online.

Where can I get private student loans?

There are several places you can apply for a student loan. You can try your local banks such as, Bank of America or BB&T. You can also try JP Morgan Chase or Citibank.

How can one apply for a student loan in the US?

You can apply online for a student loan in the United States by visiting the FinAid website. This company offers private student loans that are not federally funded.

Can you apply for a private student loan before you apply for a grant?

Yes, but you should find out how much Grant money and Federal student loan money you are eligible for before applying for Private student loans. Grants are free and Federal student loans are cheap. Private student loans are very expensive. Avoid them if you can.

Where can I apply for student loan for online education?

You can apply for student loans for online education at banks. You can also apply for governments. To find out if you are eligible, fill out the FAFSA form.

What is the legal age to apply for a student loan?

The age requirements for private loans and federal loans differ. Many private lenders require that a student be at least 18 years old to apply for a student loan. However, this is not a legal requirement. The minimum age to apply for federal aid is 16.

Where can one apply for private and federal student loan consolidation?

One can apply for private and federal student loan consolidation in one's college state government. Also, one can ask one's peers for advice or one's family for advice.

How do I get a private student loan?

The first step in getting student loans is to make sure you have completed the FAFSA. You can check and ask banks for some good private loans.

What is a direct student loan and how would you apply for one?

It is student loan provided to a student in college. When you apply for finial aid you can also apply for a student loan then, your college will have lender set up.

In a 1997 bankruptcy was your private student loan discharged if it was not a federal loan but a private loan from a lender?

Depends on how long the loan had been in repayment, whether or not it was insured by a non-profit. Please note that most federal loans are issued by private banks and INSURED by the government.

Is a student loan from a bank dischargeable?

If the loan was granted prior to 2005 and was completely private, it may be dischargeable. I do not know many banks that were making such loans, however.

The student loan settlement student loan settlement student loan settlement student loan settlement student loan settlement student loan settlement.?

There are many places to research student loan settlement. You can look at various places on the web or at many banks. Looking for loan settlements can be difficult start by checking www.wellsfargo.com/student

Where can one find nursing loans to apply for?

There are several ways someone can find a nursing school loan. Most national banks provide student loans. The government has many loan and bursary programs that someone can apply for. Lastly many colleges and universities provide their own student loan plans.

College Loan Interest Rates?

College loan interest rates vary and are based on numerous factors, including whether or not the loan the student is applying for is a private or federal student loan. Students who apply for private loans are typically subject variable interest rates. Whereas, students who apply for federal student loans are subject to fixed student loan interest rates.College Loan Interest Rates For Private Loans vs. Federal LoansMost private student loans feature variable interest rates versus fixed interest rates. However, students can apply for a fixed private student loan. Since variable interest rates on private loans fluctuate from year-to-year students can expect their payments to fluctuate as well. Students who apply for private student loans with variable interest rates can expect their payments to fluctuate as interest rates fluctuate.Students Can Lower Their College Loan Interest Rates With Consolidation LoansStudents who apply for and secure federal student loans have the comfort of knowing that the interest rates for their student loans will be fixed. Having a fixed interest rate can be beneficial. However, that does not mean that students can never attempt to lower their college loan interest rates. In fact, students who have two or more federal student loans can apply for a federal student consolidation loan to lower their interest rate on their federal student loans.New Federal College Loan Interest Rates Are Announced Each Year on July 1Students who are interested in consolidating their loans can take advantage of new interest rates that are announced on July 1. Students who are in high interest rate loans can apply for a consolidation loan in any year when lower rates are announced. New interest rates are announced each year on July 1 apply only to federal loans and not private student loans. Students interested in this option must consolidate and lock in a lower interest rates before a new interest rate is announced the following year.For students who are applying for student loans or are in repayment, having a full understanding of college loan interest rates can help you decide whether to consolidate or apply for a fixed or variable interest private loan.

How would one go about applying for a student loan online?

Government websites provide information about federal and state student loans. One should complete a FAFSA application to determine available federal and state student loans. If these do not apply, then one must apply to a private student loan company, such as Sallie Mae.

Where can your granddaughter apply for a low interest student loans?

Apply for US Banks No Fee Loan. The interest rate is considerably low and many of the fees that other loans include, like the origination fee, are not included with this loan.

What is a Private Student Loan?

A private student loan is an unsecured loan that is designed to pay for a students college-related expenses. Many students apply for private student loans once they have utilized all their federal financial aid funds. Read on to learn more about private student loans and to find out if this option is for you.How Do I Begin the Application Process?First of all, you must meet with your financial aid counselor to confirm your cost of attendance (COA) for that academic school year. Your COA typically includes college-related expenses, such as tuition and fees, room and board, books and supplies. Once you confirm your cost of attendance (COA), you will know the loan amount that you can request on your application. Please keep in mind that your counselor will subtract any federal financial aid that you have been awarded from your COA (federal grants and loans, scholarships, and work-study funds). So, if you qualify for a private student loan, you may only receive funds up to your COA for that school year.What are the Requirements for a Private Student Loan?Private student loans are credit-based loans, so you will need to have good credit in order to qualify for this type of loan product. However, most lenders realize that many college students do not possess a sufficient credit score and/or have not established an adequate amount of credit in their name. Therefore, nearly all private student loan lenders will allow students to apply for a private loan with a co-signer. Although all lenders have their own specific guidelines for private student loans, the co-signer must have an appropriate credit history, with an acceptable credit score, stable work history and references. Also, in order to qualify for a private student loan, a student must be a U.S. citizen or permanent resident and be currently enrolled at a lender-eligible school.Where Can I Apply for a Private Student Loan?Many financial institutions offer private student loan products. So, speak with a loan specialist at your bank or credit union to inquire about private student loans. In addition, you may also apply for a private student loan by visiting the following websites: SallieMae.com, NextStudent.com, FinAid.org, and PrivateStudentLoans.com.

How can I find out more about private student loan consolidation?

When you are receiving a private student loan, it cannot be consolidated with federal student loans so you would need to take that into consideration. Here is a website to find out more about private student loan consolidation. http://www.finaid.org/loans/privateconsolidation.phtml

Can a student apply for education loan?

Yes, any student can apply for the education loan as this type of loans are made especially for the students such that they can pursue there higher education without any problems. Students can take the education loan from the bank's as well as the private institutions that are available online. One of such company is haelaina.fi that helps you to get loan of any type.

What is needed to apply for a Bank of America Student Loan?

To apply for a Bank of America Student Loan one needs proof of identity details and their student registration details for the college they are attending. One can apply online.

Can you co sign a student loan with bad credit?

In the USA, if the student loan is Federal like a Stafford or Perkins loan, then yes you can cosign with bad credit. If the student loan is a private student loan, then no, you must have good credit. Keep in mind, you should never take out private student loans out until you have used up Federal loans, grants, and scholarships. Private student loans have high interest rates and no benefits.

Where could someone go to look for private student loan consolidations?

To look for private student loan consolidations, on can go to the Student Aid website. The website has information about student loans, including how and where to consolidate them.

What are the qualifications for a private student loan?

A private student loan is like any other private loan. Each private lender will determine what qualifications they require the student to meet before they will lend out their money. Some lenders will want some form of collateral and others will base their decision solely on the student's ability to repay the loan.

Can the borrower of a private student loan change the cosigner during the term of a loan or must she refinance to do that?

AnswerThe short answer is no, you can never change cosigner on a private student loan. If they die, however, it is transferred to you.

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