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following rules: strongly agree

decorating your room: strongly disagree

fast runner: neutral (wind clan are fast)

defending class mate: agree

keeping to your self: disagree

trying again: strongly agree

swimming in summer: strongly disagree

staying up at night: neutral

you snooze you lose: neutral

sneaking up on friends: strongly agree (thunder can are good stalkers)

Board Games and cross words: disagree

in the air: strongly agree (thunder can like the air)

first on roller coaster: strongly agree (they are brave)

owning a boat: strongly disagree (river clan)

color black: strongly agree (attracts the sun they like the sun)

loyalty: strongly agree

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Q: At wwwwarriorcatscom what is the answers to get thunder clan as your clan?
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How many cats should you have in a thunder clan?

I mean Thunder clan like from the warrior series but you should have 15-20 cats in that clan

Who was the first leader of thunder clan?


Does breezepelt find out that he has kin in thunder clan?

he already did

Does brambleclaw become leader of thunder clan?

No, the author has confirmed it.

Are clans real?

Yes, the word "Clan" means family. In the warriors series there are 4 clans: Thunder clan, Wind clan, River clan, and Shadow clan. On the game littlebigplanet (which is awesome) clans are clubs.

What is the largest clan known on animal jam?

Madjaster- Thunder Clan xXwarriorclancatXx- Creek Clan Elove2000- Fire Clan Jammer4570- Broken Clan (also known as Blood Clan) Erin434- Wind Clan NOTE: SOMETIMES THE DENS ARE EMPTY OR FULL

Who finds Firestar in the woods before he is in the Thunder clan?

Graystripe, Bluestar, or Lionpelt

Who were all the thunder clan leaders?

Thunder Owlstar Whitestar Vinestar Lionstar Redstar Pinestar Sunstar Bluestar Firestar(currently the ThunderClan leader)

How did tigerclaw become a leader?

When Nightstar, leader of Shadow Clan, died of an unnamed sickness, Tigerclaw, who had been exiled from Thunder Clan, came upon the weak clan. He seemed like a gift from Star Clan, so they willingly accepted him as leader.

In the second series of warriors What are the members of thunder clan?

Just buy the book a borders For $7:-)

Who is stronger namikaze clan Uchiha or sinjo clan?

first of all, its senju, not sinju, otherwise, remember that the namikaze isn't actually a clan, and uchiha and senju are about equal. if namikaze were a clan though, they would be strongest due to the flying thunder god technique.

Does brambleclaw ever die?

no not yet he has't i hope he doesn't he's an awsome deputy in the Thunder clan.