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Athletes with initials being AF?

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Hi well there is:Alex Fabregas from spain-Field Hockey, Andrea Facchin from italy-canoe/kayak, Alice Fagioli from italy-canoe/kayak, Abdellah Falil from morocca-Track and Field, Anthony Famiglietti from USA-track and field, Asmahan Farhat from libya-swimming, Angela Farrell from australia-sailing, Adam Federici from australia-football, Aleksandra Fedoriva from russia-track and field, Alexandra Feeney from australia-archery, Alessandro Fei from italy-vollyball, Agustin Felix from spain-track and field, Allyson Felix from usa-track and field, Aaron Feltham from canada-water polo, Andressa Fernandes from brazil-judo, Alberto Fernandez from spain-shooting, Ahamada Feta from comoros-track and field, Alena Filipava from belarus-wrestling, Alessia Filippi from italy-swimming, Adrian Findlay from jamiaca-track and field, Alejandro Foglia from Uraguy-sailing, Anna Foitidou from cyprus-track and field, Anton Fokin from Uzbekistan-gymnastics, Andre Fonseca from Brazil-sailing, Angel Founier from cuba-rowing, Athena Frai from greece-sailing, Alleyne Francique from grenada-track and field, Alice Freeman from Great Britain-rowing, Ariane Friedrich from germany-track and field, Alexey Frosin from russia-fencing, Andrea Fuentes from spain-syncronised swimming, Ai Fukuhara from Japan-table tennis. I hope that is going to help you i go most of it of theis website:http://sports.yahoo.com/olympics/beijing/athletes;_ylt=Ag8m1.16mQeiSecTG9mMYyqOaJh4?country_codes=&us_sport_codes=&last_name=F&start=0

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Who is the artist with the initials AF in1800?

what artist goes by the initials A F

What celebrities have the initials AF?

America Ferrera, Andrew Firestoone

First line of a Christmas carol with initials af?

"Adeste fideles" (O, Come All Ye Faithful).

Elgin Pocket watch with initials AF RS what do these mean?

AF is the French and English for Advance/Fast and RS is the same for Retard/Slow. Usually set either side of a pointer for making small adjustments to the timing of the watch and not specific to Elgin.

Which country was colonized by the french?

(A) - Americas / (Af) - Africa / (As) - Asia / (I)- Islands / (M) - Middle East # Canada (A) # Lebanon (M) # Syria (M) # Laos (As) # Vietnam (As) # Cambodia (As) # Algeria (Af) # Madagscar (Af) # Morroco (Af) # Mali (Af) # Togo (Af) # Cameroon (Af) # Central African Republic (Af) # Djibouti (Af) # Tunisia (Af) # Senegal (Af) # Chad (Af) # Mauritania (Af) # Guinea (Af) # French Guinea (A) # Rep. of Congo (Af) # Gabon (Af) # Cameroon (Af) # Cote d'Ivoire (Af) # Benin (Af) # Niger (Af) # Mauritus (I) # Guadelope (I) # French Polynesia (I) # Seychelles (I) # Tobago (I) # St. Kitts (I) # Haiti (I) # St. Lucia (I) # Reunion (I)

Do athletes get paid for video games?

Athletes do receive some money for being featured in a video game.

How is the word match related to the initials CM?

One way the word match can be related to the initials CM if thought of in the terms of being an acronym. CM can be thought of as being center matched.

Why do athletes sweat during exercise?

Athletes Sweat Because Of The Fat And Calories That Are Being Burned While You Are In Motion.

Complete dragonball af episodes af in English?

they are no episodes of dragonball af and af stads for "april fools"

How many kids want to grow up and become professional athletes?

Many kids dream of being professional athletes.

When will toyable finish dragonball af?

Dragonball AF doesn't exist. You may know it as Dragonball "After Future" etc. But the truth is, this is not real! It was a prank played to pretend it was being created But AF stands for April Fools. Yes, it was an April Fools joke ! - Karmeet

What are the proper initials of the seven continents?

I'm not 100% sure, but I believe they are NA (North America) SA (Souh America) EU (Europe) AS (Asia) AF (Africa) AU (Australia) AN (Antarctica)

When did athletes start getting paid for games?

athletes have been paid at least since the "greco roman "era. Perhaps before but their are numerous examples in literature of the athletes of this era being paid

Whose initials are the reference initials?

Your initials are the reference initials. Like if your name is Konnor Krack Kid then your initials would be "KKK"

What is the biggest team in the Olympics Beijing 2008?

China, being the host nation, has the most athletes ( 639), followed by USA with 595 athletes.

Is there really DragonBall AF?

AF is Fan made. There is no Anime, just Photoshop Images of Dragonball AF.

Where can you watch dragonball af?

no where, dragonball af was a prank made up, the af means April fools.

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