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Athletes with initials being AF?


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February 01, 2009 11:05AM

Hi well there is:Alex Fabregas from spain-field hockey, Andrea Facchin from italy-canoe/kayak, Alice Fagioli from italy-canoe/kayak, Abdellah Falil from morocca-track and field, Anthony Famiglietti from USA-track and field, Asmahan Farhat from libya-swimming, Angela Farrell from australia-sailing, Adam Federici from australia-football, Aleksandra Fedoriva from russia-track and field, Alexandra Feeney from australia-archery, Alessandro Fei from italy-vollyball, Agustin Felix from spain-track and field, Allyson Felix from usa-track and field, Aaron Feltham from canada-water polo, Andressa Fernandes from brazil-judo, Alberto Fernandez from spain-shooting, Ahamada Feta from comoros-track and field, Alena Filipava from belarus-wrestling, Alessia Filippi from italy-swimming, Adrian Findlay from jamiaca-track and field, Alejandro Foglia from Uraguy-sailing, Anna Foitidou from cyprus-track and field, Anton Fokin from Uzbekistan-gymnastics, Andre Fonseca from Brazil-sailing, Angel Founier from cuba-rowing, Athena Frai from greece-sailing, Alleyne Francique from grenada-track and field, Alice Freeman from Great Britain-rowing, Ariane Friedrich from germany-track and field, Alexey Frosin from russia-fencing, Andrea Fuentes from spain-syncronised swimming, Ai Fukuhara from Japan-table tennis. I hope that is going to help you i go most of it of theis website:;_ylt=Ag8m1.16mQeiSecTG9mMYyqOaJh4?country_codes=&us_sport_codes=&last_name=F&start=0