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Atmospheric pressure varies how with altitude?

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Atmospheric pressure decreases as altitude am 99.9% sure. I am a ver well- educated person, so this will do for you. I hope this helped you. Happy studies!!! Sorry... hate to ruin the fun here, but actually, the higher you go, the less atmospheric pressure there is. Quite right, you'd think everyone knew this... Here's the table: Altitude Pressure Pressurefeet kPa PSI 0 101.33 14.70 1000 97.72 14.17 2500 92.50 13.42 5000 84.31 12.23 10000 69.68 10.11 20000 46.56 6.75 30000 30.09 4.36 Oops... table did not hold together! Will try again. Altitude (ft) Pressure (kPa) Pressure (PSI) 0 101.33 14.70 1,000 97.72 14.17 2,500 92.50 13.42 5,000 84.31 12.23 10,000 69.68 10.11 20,000 46.56 6.75 30,000 30.09 4.36 Best I can do... page does not take to tables at all well!

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Is the atmospheric pressure always equal to one?

No. Atmospheric pressure varies depending on altitude and weather conditions. 1 atm of pressure is the average atmospheric pressure at sea level.

Is the value of the atmospheric pressure at the surface of the earth constant Explain?

No, the atmospheric pressure at the surface of Earth is not constant. Pr pressure varies depending on altitude and weather conditions.

How does atmospheric pressure change as altitude increases?

The atmospheric pressure decreases as the altitude increases.

What will happen to the atmospheric pressure as the altitude increases?

Atmospheric pressure will decrease as altitude increases.

How does pressure vary with height?

If you mean height above the Earth's surface, atmospheric pressure varies inversely with altitude.

How does pressure vary with altitude?

As altitude increases, atmospheric pressure decreases.

Why it is important to know about altitude?

Altitude varies pressure and temperature varies inversely with pressure.

Does pressure increase as you are increasing altitude?

No. Atmospheric pressure decreases as altitude increases.

Why does atmospheric pressure increase with height?

The opposite is true. Atmospheric pressure decreases with altitude.

What is atmospherical pressure at higher and lower altitude?

At higher altitude the atmospheric pressure is lower.

Does the altitude affect the atmospheric pressure?

Technically altitude is atmoshperic pressure, but flipped. So the lower the altitude is, the greater the pressure is, vis versa.

What decreases as altitude increases?

Atmospheric pressure.

What are the three unit of pressure equal to atmospheric sea level?

pressure altitude, density altitude and station pressure

How does the atmospheric pressure vary with altitude?

How does liquid pressure vary with depth

How does atmospheric pressure change with height in the atmosphere and why does it change?

Atmospheric pressure decreases with altitude because air has weight. As you gain altitude, you have less air above you and therefore less weight (pressure).

What happens with altitude relative to pessure?

as altitude rises less there is less atmospheric pressure

Which condition will pressure altitude be equal to true altitude?

When standard atmospheric conditions exist.

Why does atmospheric pressure vary from place to place?

Atmospheric pressure varies due to elevation (altitude) and because of the motion of air masses over the surface. For altitude differences, the pressure is the result of the surrounding air. Higher pressure is experienced at lower altitudes just as higher pressure is found in greater depths within a body of water. A simple explanation is that the "column of air" above a surface "pushing down" is much shorter if you move higher into the "sea of air." This lower weight is expressed as lower pressure, which represents fewer molecules within a given volume of air. The higher the altitude (eg. mountains) = The lesser the atmospheric pressure The lower the altitude (eg. sea level) = The higher the atmospheric pressure

What instrument is normally used to measure atmospheric pressure?

A barometer is used to measure atmospheric pressure. It can also measure altitude!

Is atmospheric pressure higher on a mountain or sea level?

The answer is sea level. Because atmospheric pressure decreases when altitude increases

As you walk down a mountainside atmospheric pressure will what?

It will increase. Atmospheric pressure decreases with altitude and increases as you move toward sea level. At sea level, atmospheric pressure = 1.0

How atmospheric pressure changes as altitude increases?

it goes down

Is it true that atmospheric pressure decreases with increased altitude?


How does altitude affect the boiling point of any substance?

As altitude increases, atmospheric pressure decreases. The boiling point of a substance is the temperature at which the vapor pressure of the substance equals the atmospheric pressure. Therefore, as altitude increases, boiling point decreases, and vice versa.

As you go higher into the mountains does the pressure increase or decrease?

Atmospheric pressure decreases with altitude.