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Take her to court. You can petition the court to remove her as executor. She has to provide a complete accounting of the money to the probate court. You could press charges on her and get all the money back and even more.

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Q: Aunt is executor of will and stole all the family money. What can be done?
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Your aunt loaned you money then dies Can her husband collect this money?

Answer 1.He has a moral right to her estate and you are morally obliged to pay it Answer 2. Answer 1 is correct as far as it goes, but this is not only a moral issue, it is also a simple legal issue. You owe this money to her estate. Your aunt's executor can collect it, and can sue you for it provided that he can prove that the loan was made and you can't prove the loan has been repaid. The executor must then pay it over to the beneficiary under her will. If there is no will, her husband is the beneficiary.

Your dad was executor of your aunts will but recently died so who gets your aunts money when she dies?

To begin with, this question cannot be properly answered without knowing the state in which your aunt's estate is probated. Different states have differences in their probate laws, some are minor, some are major. The question is not whether your father was executor; the executor has no inheritance rights just by being executor. The real question is who does the will leave your aunt's estate to and does it require that the beneficiary survive your aunt by any period of time. Assuming the will gives your father your aunt's estate (and makes him executor as well) there are two possibilities. First, the will might have a commonplace provision that your father has to survive your aunt by some specific period of time or the devise of the residuary estate is revoked and given to some other person as if your father had died before your aunt. If the will has no such provision, some state laws have provisions that automatically kick in. The purpose of these provisions is to avoid your aunt's estate from having to go through your father's estate and be subject to payment of his debts and inheritance taxes even though he probably never got the use and enjoyment of the money he should have gotten. Second, if your father survived the will's survival requirement or the statutory one (whichever applies) then your aunt's estate has vested in him. This means that even if your father has not transferred money out of your aunt's name or out of her estate's accounts, your father's estate must get it. It will then be distributed according to his will. In the second situation, any provision in your aunt's will that gives her estate to someone else if your father dies after she does is ineffective once he survives her by the requisite period of time.

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Depends really on how family looks at things at end of day and that means if she in you family group and you she her at Family Functions .But you are related by marriage and you can think of her as other Aunt and she stort of Aunt in Law or Distant Aunt.

You had power of attorney your mother died went to bank and she had signed beneficary to aunt for a large sum of money Is there anything you can do to stop her getting all this money?

Your power of attorney expired on the death of your mother. You may be able to do things as executor of the estate, so apply to the probate court.

Who is the rightful owner of your dead fathers motorcycle I am his only child and my aunt is trying to sell it?

Your father's estate owns it, until distributed by the executor. Your aunt does not have title to the motorcycle unless she has a Letter of Authority from the probate court.

What family relationship is there between a great aunt and her niece's baby?

The great aunt is the great niece's baby's great-great aunt.

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What family relationship is your aunt's great grandson to you?

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Your aunt left CD's in your name the excutor has put the CD's into the estate should you received the full value of the CD or taxes will be taken out?

Unless your aunt instructed in her Will that the CDs were to be left to you then you are at the mercy of the executor. The executor must be accountable for paying any outstanding debts that person may have and any bills. Then after that is done they will have to go through Probate for the Estate so they can determine if all personal/property taxes are paid as well as all creditors being paid. This can take up to 8 months to a year. It may be that is what the Executor is doing and this doesn't mean you won't get the CDs. If that is your aunts wishes and it's stated in the Will or you have a legal document with a date and her signature on it and states the CDs go to you then you have a right to the CDs and the Executor can get into trouble for not complying to the wishes of your aunt's Will. Marcy

Is a nephew responsible for a dead aunt's medical bills?

The nephew is not personally responsible. If he is the executor, he has the responsibility to resolve the debts. If the assets are not adequate to resolve them, they have to be written off.