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Around 5 million. 8.5 % of the population enlisted, or 416, 000 men.

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What was the 1st Australian city to be bombed in world war 1?

No Australian city was bombed during WW1.

Who won the gallipoi war?

Gallipolli was an unsuccessful Australian attack in Turkey during WW1.

Has the world population ever decreased?

yes during ww1 and ww2

Poupulaton Canada during World War 1?

The population of Canada during WW1 was 8 million.

What was the nickname given to the Australian soldiers in ww1?


Who was Archduke Franz Ferdinand to Austrians in ww1?

he was a australian

What percent of England died during WW1?

Nearly 1 million Britons or members of the commonwealth died in action in ww1 which at the time was 2% of the British population. Hope this helps!

Who was the us president during WW1?

the president during ww1 was Wilson

Why did Hitler acquire Czechoslovakia?

A majority of the population there was already Germans that had been living their during WW1 when it became Czechoslovakia.

What side was Russia on in WW1?

russia was on the Allies side during ww1

Who died on anzac day?

ANZAC Day is a date to commemorate the death of the Australian and New Zealand soldiers in Galipolli [Turkey] during WW1 in April 25, 1915

What country first used trenches in WW1?

Not sure which 'first' used trenches. But the Australian and New Zealand soliders commonly used trenches during the Gallipoli campaign.

How many Australian servicemen returned as amputees from ww1?

There were 26,094 Australian casualties at Gallipoli, but no record clearly indicates the number of amputees.

Who fought in Gallipoli in WW1?

The People who fought at Gallipoli were the French British and Australian soldiers

What did India do during WW1?


Was FDR President during WW1?


What music did Great Britain listen to during WW1?

the children and adults did not listen to jazz during ww1 as it was not invented until 1920

Where did Anzac soldiers fight?

The term ANZAC was used for Australian soldiers during WW1 (there were also some NZ but not many and all were under Australian command). Probably the most notable fighting was Gallipoli and other major campaigns including Tobruk and Beersheba.

What was the population of Asia before the WW1?

101436 people

Who was the red baron top ace for during WW1?

The Red Baron, or Baron Von Richtofen, was the top pilot of Germany during WW1.

Did the Royal Australian Air Force take part in WW1?

No. The Australian Air Force was only formed on 31 March 1921.Approval to use the 'Royal' prefix was granted on 13 August 1921.There were some Australian Flying Corps (AFC) squadrons which joined the British during World War I, but they were not yet designated the title of Royal Australian Air Force.

What were Aussie volunteer army of ww1 called in three letters?

ADF (Australian Defence Forces)

Why were the soldier who fought in ww1 called anzacs?

it stands for the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps.

What laws were passed during ww1?

a couple

How many died during WW1?


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